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Chris Harris Greatest Hits – New YouTube Playlist

We have added a new playlist to the StrikeEngine TV YouTube channel, this one dedicated to Chris Harris and spans most of his video making career to this point. Absolutely brilliant.

You can see it here,

This playlist features some of our favourite Chris Harris car reviews and videos in general. These videos cover his early stuff when he was making the videos off his own back, to Drive, then EVO and finally Top Gear.

It says something that even his early stuff where it was just him an Neil Carey still stand up, production wise, to the later stuff on Top Gear with a much bigger budget and in many cases, his early stuff is actually more interesting and in may ways better, than the later commercialised stuff for Top Gear where he is being forced to appeal not just to car enthusiasts but also to the manistream.

The Chris Harris Top Gear videos have introduced a certain plasticness but credit to Chris, he still gets his own way on some of the Top Gear videos, the Yellow Porsche 992 video at Hockenheim being a particular highlight.

These videos ARE arranged in a particular order, we start with our favourite video and go down from there.

Chris Harris, in our estimation is one of the finest print vehicle journalists in the English speaking world. His transition to the big screen has been a blessing for all car lovers.

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