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So I needed a new rear view mirror, instead of paying 30Euro+ for a direct replacement I thought, “why not get a rear view mirror with a dash cam camera AND a parking camera built in?”

So that is what I did. I followed the usual process, browsing ebay until I found a deal I liked. But in this case bought the product from Aliexpress

Video Time Stamps included at the bottom of this page

Number one priority

I absolutely did not want something in the car that attached with suction cups or any sort of elastic.

I wanted a mirror that was a direct replacement for the original mirror, ie a rear view mirror that used the mount already on the windscreen

I wanted a factory like fit to the mirror, something that could of been on the car from the factory.

So I ordered the product (in this case from Aliexpress) and it arrived around 4 weeks later in a superbly packaged box.

The rear view parking camera was exactly the one shown in the photo and it came with ample cabling.

The rear view mirror itself looked to be the same if not better quality than the mirror that was on the car from the factory.

Installation was a bit of pain.

I had to remove the front of the headliner, the A-Pillar trim, the trim by the side of the dashboard, the glove box, run the cables to the back of the car under the plastic trim under the doors, wire the reversing camera into the reversing bulb cable from the rear light and power the camera from the stereo’s power supply.

All in, installation took around two hours and the only things I needed that were not included in the kit was a multimeter, two inline fuses and some positaps

The result?

Front camera is okay. Nothing that you would vlog with but as a dashcam, perfectly acceptable.

The rear camera is great

The mirror is slightly bigger than the orginal rear view mirror but zero complaints.

All in all I got everything I wanted for a very reasonable 60 USD delivered.

I have a good rear view mirror

I have a dash cam with no cables hanging from the windscreen and nothing extra suckered to the windscreen

I have a reversing camera which does what I need perfectly.

The only thing still unknown is how long the product will last, when it breaks, I will add a comment to this post!

0:46 Quick unboxing of the rear view mirror camera
0:53 Vehicle specific brackets
1:25 Instruction manual
1:38 Install wiring
2:14 Reversing camera
2:35 The mirror
3:05 The clamp
3:12 The camera
3:43 Mirror power cables
4:10 Starting the install
4:21 Perfect world wire routing
4:36 Checking the clamp
4:45 Checking for switched live in dome light
5:02 Plan B wire routing
5:31 How to remove trim panels
6:12 Finding the power cables from the stereo
7:17 Trim panel removal tools
7:47 Plan B wire routing (part 2)
Rear view camera wiring
8:08 Running the cables to the rear view mirror camera
9:05 Headliner
9:28 Another method of routing the wires
9:36 Running the camera cable to the boot
10:01 Running rear view camera cables
10:30 Removing boot trim panels
11:00 Identifying which cable is for the revers light in the rear cluster
11:25 Postiap into reverse power
Main power
11:40 Cutting of the supplied fuses and using inline fuses
12:31 First impressions
12:41 The menus
13:01 Accessing the menu
13:17 Video resolution
13:21 Camera resolution
13:37 Cyclic recording
13:58 White balance
14:14 Exposure
14:22 Motion detection
14:29 Voice recording
14:41 Parking guard
14:45 Reversing line
15:34 Date stamps
15:39 “Gravity” sensing
16:13 Beep sound
16:16 Enhanced night vision
16:21 Set date and time
16:32 Auto power off
16:53 Languages
17:19 Frequency
17:35 LCD Brightness
18:09 Driving footage in various conditions
18:10 Cloudy day
18:31 Night
18:54 Really dark
19:27 Driving away from sun
20:10 Driving towards sun
20:52 Reversing camera (I have it pointing straight down)
21:19 Summary
What is included for the price
22:00 OEM Type fit, no loose wires, extra things attached to the interior
22:32 Can you use it as a video camera?
22:39 Mirror performance and quality
23:15 Supplied cabling, issues with the fuses
23:35 Thank you for watching, please subscribe, look after yourself, see you next time!


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