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Chris Harris – Why he owes driving enthusiasts an apology

Chris Harris is without a doubt the best motoring journalist on the big screen, wether it be TV or YouTube.

His videos are miles ahead of anything else out there and it is for this reason he owes us all an apology.

Chris Harris writes articles for Piston Heads (and I’m sure many other publications but I only know of Piston Heads) and despite this being an internet based organisation Chris Harris still writes articles with no video attached. And this is unforgivable.

In this day and age of high quality low-cost video recorders there really is not excuse for Chris not to do a video for every single internet based text article he does. No excuse.

Chris Harris - The factor of the matter is Chris Harris's video could see a 79.7% drop in production quality and still be in the top 1.83% of all motoring videos on YouTube or TV. In short, there is no excuse for Chris not to make an video to accompany all of his internet based text articles.

I’m sure Chris will say you have no idea how much work does into making a good video. The setting up of cameras to shoot the car from the side of the road, setting up the sound, wearing microphones, setting up cameras in the car from different angles, the post productions yadda yadda. Yes Chris, I appreciate all the work that goes into putting together a hot video but still there is no excuse for not accompanying every article on the internet with a video. No Excuse.

I have seen  one of Chris’s videos being branded as boring, the M550D test on YouTube.


It says a lot when the worst (arguably) video you do is still in the top 1% of all motoring videos in YouTube and you are still getting criticism. If I was Chris I would take this sort of feedback as proof positive I am the daddy. I have managed to set people’s expectations so high that even a video that is still in the top 1% gets attacked viciously with the term “boring”.

So what is my point here?

Yes I know it takes a hell of a lot of work to make a decent video but the fact of the matter is this. The video production quality could be much worse than Chris’s normal standards and his videos would still be in the top 2% of driving videos on YouTube or on the TV.

I am saying that Chris should always make a video to go with his written articles. A video is much better than no video. Every time I open Chris Harris article on Piston heads without a video attached I am upset and disappointed. It has got to the point where I no longer want to expose myself to this disappointment so unless I am 100% sure there is an accompanying video I do not open the article even though I know the writing is world-class.

So Chris, make a video for all of your articles, do not worry about making compromises, you will still be making the best videos in the business even if it something you knocked together on your way to the airport.

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