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BMW – BMW Exterior Design & How BMW Has Completely Lost The Plot

In short, all BMW’s now look identical. An X1 looks like an X3 looks like an X5. The sameness puts me off their cars completely.

I was in Munich recently for a week and there were cars galore, Audis, BMWs and a few Mercs. And at the end of the week I was sick of seeing BMWs I had literally hated seeing them because they all looked so similar.

Like you would hate it if you were forced to read the same news article over and over, I felt the same way about seeing BMWs. The is zero variation between the models and that is a serious turn off.

Sure you could argue that all Audis look the same but they do not like “identical”. BMW have reached the point where there cars simply look like a blown up version of a smaller model.

This will cost BMW massively in the coming years. Take me for example. I am a huge fan of BMWs and before a BMW was on my consideration list but not now.

There is absolutely no way now that I would consider buying a new BMW. Why would I? I mean I can’t stand the sight of them now, why would I want to put something I can’t stand the sight off on my driveway.

I cannot be the only one who thinks this. And lest not forget the new generation of identical BMWs have only just entered the market. Imagine how its going to be in 3 years when there are 3 times as many on the road.

BMW are going to be responsible for causing a lot of people a lot of discomfort. People are going to develop an active aversion to looking at their cars, let alone buying them.

You could argue that BMWs have been quite similar for a while now but you would be wrong.

E90 3 Series vs E60 5 Series – Look nothing like each other.

E60 5 Series vs E63 6 Series – Look nothing like each other

1 Series vs E90 3 Series – Yes, sedan against sedan they were similar but most 1 Series were hatchbacks so you didn’t notice.

X6 vs X5 – Look nothing like each other

X3 vs X5 – This is when you could see them melding together, the X3 was literally an X5 with every component shrunk by 15%

And what do we have today?

X1, X3, X5 – All the same

BMW F10, F30, F01 – All the same

Dont believe me?

Tell me if you can tell the difference between these cars and yes, they are different models!

If BMW want to give an M5 for a couple of weeks maybe at the end we will say the performance of the car more than makes up for the looks but until that happens, our opinion stands, we dread catching a glimpse of a new generation BMW. Sorry.

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