Circuit Pau Arnos

Pau Arnos – We just found out about this circuit in the South of France, looking at the layout it looks to be a bit of he-man circuit with

plenty of fast corners.

00┬░31’50’ ‘ west – 43┬░26’39’ ‘ North.┬áCenter of a triangle Bordeaux – San-Sebastian – Toulouse, the circuit of Pau-Arnos offers to the pilots, car and motor bike, a development of 3.030 meters for uneven of 55 meters. The site profits from a microclimate authorizing control under the best conditions. Dedicated to the professionals, candidates or amateurs, the circuit of Pau-Arnos offers, from its homologation, of the possibilities active of the simple practice or the days deprived with the organization national or international races.The proximity of an international airport, a motorway and a station TGV are as many assets allowing a fast access.

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