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Demon Tweeks is a name that needs no introduction.

Demon Tweeks is the original and still the largest mail order dealer of motorsport and performance parts in the UK.

The secret to Demon Tweeks success has been its paper catalogues which is distributes throughout he world with popular magazines as well as directly to customers who request it, free of charge.

The cost of constructing the Demon Tweeks catalogue must be huge but the cost is clearly worth it as Demon Tweeks has expanded from distributing one catalogue for motorsport parts and now has dedicated catalogues for performance parts for road cars as well as parts for motorcycles.

Demon Tweeks was a little late getting to the party with their website and while it is definitely in the top 10% of car part websites it is not the clear leader.

The Demon Tweeks website can be slighty awkward to use but the sheer number of parts and the number of filtering options the site has does the best it can to get you to the parts you need out of the tens of thousands of products that are on the site.

One area where Demon Tweeks really sets itself apart from the competition is with motorsport clothing. The way the clothing and helmets are displayed make it relatively easy to get the right size and if you don’t get it right first time Demon Tweeks will collect the wrong size product and deliver the right size products to you free of charge in the UK.

Another area where Demon Tweeks is noticeably better than most of its competitors is when it comes to stock. Unlike  the vast majority of performance part dealers who deliver parts to you direct from the manufacturer, Demon Tweeks keeps huge stocks on site meaning less chance of delay or mistakes.

One area where Demon Tweeks can fall down is on price. The performance car parts market is ultra competitive in the UK and this is reflected in the number of firms in the business, whether it be Ebay operations or simply other online dealers. Unfortunately a lot of the firms that compete on price alone come and go whereas Demon Tweeks knows after sales service does not come free. if the customers wants the best service then they have to pay a little bit more.

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