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Classic Mini Restoration – Italian Style

A masterpiece Classic Mini Restoration video by Davide Cironi. An epic movie/documentary made by one of the best journalists on YouTube.

From the accident that sparked the restoration to the final ending. A real labour of love and commitment.

The movie shows the story of the people and businesses who helped bring this Classic Mini back from the dead. Entirely filmed in Italy with parts sourced from the USA (K20 engine subframe and front suspension) and from the UK (various parts including an extended front clam shell).

The bodyshop, the mechanics, the specialists, we don’t only see the work as it was being done but, where the artisans started their journey into the world of the Classic Minis and Honda, their car life stories. Brilliantly shot as always.

First the car was freshly restored, then someone crashed into the back of it almost immediately, then the owner abandoned it, then Cironi took charge of the restoration, then the accident damaged was repaired, then someone donated their Honda Stream, then the car was taken to a Honda specialist, then the front subframe was bought, then the front end of the mini was lost, then the engine was fitted and the car was finished. (Looks like the whole process took a year or two!)

Again, an absolute masterpiece of a video and one of the best Classic Mini Restoration videos out there, enjoy!

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