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Continental Premium Contact 5 Review – Amazing?

Tread of Continental Premium Contact 5 Tyre

In this Continental Premium Contact 5 review we will look at

  • Ride Comfort
  • Brake and acceleration grip
  • Steering feel
  • Cornering grip
  • Noise
  • Price

Continental Premium Contact 5 Review – Ride Comfort

The ride comfort from the Continental Premium Contact 5 tyres is amazing. The tyres give the impression of flowing over the road. The tyres absorb imperfections in the road brilliantly. It is like the car has been given a suspension upgrade.

Continental Premium Contact 5 – Braking/Acceleration Grip

Acceleration first. The only tyres which which take all the power in first gear. Amazing traction. Where other tyres might spin, the Premium Contact 5 tyres find grip which I didn’t believe was available.

Braking performance. Again, fantastic grip but does not give the same level of amazement as they do during acceleration.

Continental Premium Contact 5 – Steering Feel

The Continental Premium Contact 5 give loads of feel and give the confidence to really lean of their limits. They do not feel twitchy at all, the tyre limits are hard to breach on the road but they give the driver plenty of notice when the grip limit is starting to be breached. Again, a super confidence inspiring tyre.

Continental Premium Contact 5 – Cornering Grip

Very high cornering limits and probably as high as you need on the public road. Absolutely no problems here. Sure, road legal track day tyres will give more grip when they are warm but the Continental Premium Contact 5 tyres give what feels like all their grip even when they are cold. On a daily driven road car, I think the Premium Contacts 5 would be faster than track days tyres 99.999% of the time.

Continental Premium Contact 5 – Noise

Another surprising aspect of the Continental Premium Contacts 5 was how quiet they are. They sound “silky” is the best way I can describe them. A step above any other tyre I have experienced.

Continental Premium Contact 5 – Wet Performance

The climate I am in is basically dry. In the limited exposure I have had using the tyres in the rain, they seemed good.


The Premium Contact 5 are around the same price as other premium brand tyres and around 15-20% more expensive than budget brands. In our opinion the extra cost over the budget tyres is well worth it. And in our opinion the price versus other premium brands makes the decision to go with the Continental also a no-brainer.


Normal price and performance which exceeds expectations in all other areas makes the Continental Sport Contact 5 tyres a highly recommend. Although other publications have different views

(We do not include data from EU tyre labels. For more information click here)

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