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Dacia Dokker Review – Top 5 Features

This is a quick Dacia Dokker review detailing my top 5 favourite features


An absolute joy to use, not crazy powerful but enough to propel the van along at a more than decent speed. Power band not massive but it gives decent pull from 2000 rpm round to 4000 rpm.

This engine has been used in millions of vehicles and it has been polished to almost perfection.

Fuel economy is also great even when the Dokker is driven hard. The engine is also very civilised. Quiet and refined.


You’d think this would be a simple thing to get right but so many vans these days have horrible gearboxes, usually because it feels like there is far to much backlash in the gears.

In short, its not uncommon to drive modern vans and worry if the gearbox is going to make it ie have a long life. Not so in the Dacia, the Dokker gearbox feels solid and the gear ratios are perfectly spaced, helped by the 6 forward gears.


Again, something that car makers used to get right back in the late nineties early two thousands but the art seems to have been forgotten. More often than not modern cars seats are hard.

Not so the Dacia.

The seats in the Dacia Dokker have the uncanny knack of being extremely comfortable but at the same time supportive. A joy to sit in.


Everything about the Dacia Dokker is honest. It doesn’t try to be anything it’s not. No pathetic gestures towards luxury like the ridiculous cloth pieces on the interior door handles of the Peugeot Boxer for example.

In the Dacia it is unashamedly all plastic but a good plastic. A plastic that feels not unpleasant to touch, a plastic that feels tough and a plastic that does not feel brittle in any way. Its well screwed together and feels like it will last and without making you feel you are in a poverty spec interior.

The matt effect on the plastic helps big time here.

5.Gauge Cluster

Again, something that you would think was easy but having seen the TFT LED displays in the Peugeot Boxer and the Nissan NV200, apparently it’s not easy.

In the NV200 and the Boxer I get the feeling they have tried to be too clever by using TFT screens. The screens are so tiny that is it almost impossible to easily see the info they are showing when you are driving.

The Dacia Dokker on the other hand has an older type of LCD display and is all the better for it. Bigger fonts making it much easier to read.

And those are my top 5 favourite things about the Dacia Dokker

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