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R32 GTR Review by Mark Skaife – Nissan Skyline

Mark Skaife goes through the key features of the Group A R32 GTR that made it so dominant in the Australian Supercar Championship.

Group A R32 GTR Key Specs:
650 bhp
4 wheel drive
G-force sensor
Rear diff speed
4 wheel speed sensors control the 4wd system
ETS pump varies oil pressure to transfer case to distribute force between axles

Mark Skaife outlines the superiority of the Nissan Skyline R32 GTR over the Sierra Cosworth and BMW E30 M3, specifically the R32 GTR’s advanced 4 wheel driver system.

The R32 GTR’s 4 wheel drive system allowed the car to operate as 2 wheel drive only in fast corners and 4 wheel drive when the system detected slip at the rear wheels. When you can do this with your transmission you are going to be in a good place lap time wise.

The Nissan Skyline R32 GTR had around 100 bhp more than the Sierra Cosworth‘s and the GTR’s 4 wheel drive system was key to getting this power to the ground in the dry and especially the wet.

Squeezed in an R34 video 😉

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