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Based in New Jersey, KMD Tuning specialises in tuning Porsche, Audi and VW.

Huge array of pars available from the biggest names in the industry.

Engine and turbo upgrades from ATP Turbo and parts from Forge Motorsport, Revo, VF Engineering, AWE Tuning, Samco Sport, Unitronic, 42DD as well as KMD own brand parts.

Transmission upgrades from VF Engineering, South Bend Clutch and Sprint Booster

Brake upgrades from StopTech

Suspension upgrades from KW, Stasis, Hotchkiss as well as KMD own brand parts

Exhaust solutions from Milltek Sport, AWE, Stasis and ATP Turbo

Carbon hoods from Eurogear

As well as service parts and OEM parts and upgrades.

KMD tuning are also a dealer of Hartmann wheels, Genesis, OEM, Bosch, Siemens and Delphi injectors

Fuel pumps from Walbro, Aeromotive as well and KMD own brand fuel pump for TFSI engines.

Fuel pressure regulators from Aeromotive and Genesis

Methanol injections kits from Snow Performance

Race batteries from Braille and Innovative Motorsports gauge/engine monitoring solutions

On the supercharger front KMD Tuning are dealers for VF Engineering and PES.

For Porsche KMD Tuning also sell Eurosport and clutch kits from Sachs

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