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Driving in Greece – Top Tips for Tourists

Depending on where you are from, driving in Greece might come as a shock or it might be normal.

If you are used to depending on road signs & road markings to warn you of dangers, driving in Greece might take you a while to get used to, there is no nannying and you have to take responsibility for yourself.

-The rules regarding roundabouts in Greece are probably unique to anywhere else in the world.

-Just because the roads signs say you have right of way, it always pays to check the way in clear (depending on the junction)

-Road rage generally is less than you are likely to see in Northern countries like the UK

-Parking is relatively free in the town centres but there are some exceptions, ask a local if in doubt

-Rain can pose some interesting situations (dealing with rain not really a priority because of the dry climate)

Here are a couple of videos highlighting some key points to remember when you drive in Greece for the first time.


Once you are up to speed, driving in Greece is one of the most liberating driving experiences you can have in Europe and it happens to have some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere in the world.

Greece strikes, in my opinion the perfect balance between Northern Europe ie driving standards, people having consideration for others and modern cars and less developed countries where there are very few speed cameras, congestion is low to non existent & you are generally free to park where you want as long as you don’t block the road.

But things are changing for the worse unfortunately as Greece becomes more “European Unionised”. Drive in Greece while you can still enjoy it!


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