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Oscilloscope analysis of DET3+ ignition output

Check the part 1 ECU Master DET3+ review here.

First of all a moan. So I left the last update waiting for tech support from ECU Master. I have received no tech support after 3 weeks and sending two emails to them.

The DET3+ only costs 200 Euro, as things stand at the moment, there is absolutely no way I would trust ECU Master with any of their more expensive products.

How can I consider their stand alone ECUs for example, when there is zero tech support?

Moan over.

What have I done while waiting?

While I have been patiently waiting for tech support from ECU Master I have found a Facebook page dedicated to ECU Master products. I have no idea if this is the “official” ECU Master page but their USA distributor seems to be heavily involved in it so it is possible.

I detailed my issue on this Facebook page and unfortunately I did not get any meaningful help, although someone has said they have experienced a similar problem…

Oscilloscope Analysis

I have been using a windows based oscilloscope until now which is okay, its just not convenient in the field so I have ponied up for a portable oscilloscope. So far so good.

You can see an excellent review of the product here.

What did the scope tell me?

Crank signal output is similar whether the DET3+ is connected or not and whether it is in scope mode or not. In short, I don’t think the DET3+ is interfering with the crank signal coming from the sensor, the voltage is a bit lower but nothing that causes me concern.

The crank signal that the DET3+ sends to the car’s ECU does look very different to the stock sensor signal. Having said that, as I mentioned in Part 1, the engine appears to run fine in Scope mode with this signal so I don’t see the signal being in the problem.

However switching between scope mode and 36-1 mode on the DET3+ I do see a difference between the signals being outputted by the DET3+.

Above: This is the difference in the ECU Master DET3+ ignition output when I switch from scope mode to 36-1 mode. You can see in 36-1 mode multiple missing tooth signals are being generated. RPM on the left is around 1200, RPM on the right is over 3000 rpm.

ECU Master DET3+ Install – The Current Situation

At idle, the crank output signal from the DET3+ is the same for scope mode and 36-1 mode. However when engine RPM gets to around 1200 rpm the output from the DET3+, in 36-1 mode, starts sending phantom missing tooth signals and this would explain the issue ie the 1300rpm rev limit and back firing.

I will again try to contact ECU Master and see if they will offer tech support through their Facebook page (while writing this article I think I have found the “official ECU Master” page and it has a button for getting tech support) and let you know what happens.

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