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ECU Master DET3 ECU Review (Review) Update

ECUMaster DET3 Piggyback ECU

I have been doing a multi part review of the ECU Master DET3 ECU. You can read part 1 here and part 2 here.

This is a quick update detailing the solution to the crank angle signal problem.

In the last post I said I would contact ECU Master via their Facebook page. I did that through the messenger. They said to email them, I said I had already with no reply, they said email again, I did. And received no reply……


In short I have received absolutely zero technical support from ECU Master.

Fortunately DTA have absolutely excellent documentation for their S40 stand alone ECU. In the documentation for the S40, DTA donate an entire page to specifically detailing problems with crank angle sensors and how to fix them. This simple document identified my issue exactly and also gave the solution.

In short, DTA fixed the issue in less than thirty seconds.

(Oh, and still no reply from ECU Master…..)

Now I have the DET3+ up and running I’ll do another article detailing the features, how easy it is easy to use and how effective the features are ie do they work and are they reliable.

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3 thoughts on “ECU Master DET3 ECU Review (Review) Update

  1. I’m excitedly watching for updates. I just got my DET3+ in the mail and am looking for guidance on install and use.

  2. Yes, Chris at Ecumasters has been communicating with me a bit back and forth. I read in the manual that it was, and have since figured out what polarity is what. At first, I thought I was not going to be able to use it since my crank firing ring on the crankshaft is a 7x reference like the ecotec line of four cylinders. Chris contacted the engineers and they figured out the correct ignition mode to select.


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