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EVO Performance Exhaust Systems


EVO Performance Exhaust Systems – Manufacturers and UK Dealers of EVO Performance Exhaust Systems, Back boxes, Manifolds, Headers, Cat Back systems and cat by pass pipes constructed from mild steel and stainless steel. Manufactured in Australia, UK, USAand Japan

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EVO Performance Exhaust System Manufacturers

Agency Power
Full Race
Hayward and Scott
HIB Exhausts LLangefni Anglesey
Perrin Performance
Simpson Race Exhausts
Turbo XS

Exhaust System Coatings

Hi Performance Coatings

Exhaust System Parts

Performance Tube Bending

EVO Performance Exhaust Manufacturers

Performance Exhaust System manufacturers make a massive range of exhausts for all  makes of vehicle. We have listed as many cars that are covered by each manufacturer as we can. If you don’t see your vehicle please visit the manufacturers site as the lists below are by no means exhaustive.


Tomei full titanium exhaust system for the EVO X

The first affordable full titanium exhaust system for the EVO X

Japanese manufacturer of performance exhausts – Worldwide distribution and product quality is an essential part of our business ethics. We, 5ZIGEN produce not only exhaust systems and wheels, however, also many automobile related accessories as well. By having our research platform from racing, we can gather the upmost technological data and apply it to our end-products. ISO9001 certification guarantees that our products are kept in upmost of quality control. 5Zigen make EVO exhausts for the EVO 5,6,7,8,9 and 10 and most Lancer turbo models. EVO exhaust parts include headers, link pipes and cat back exhaust systems

Agency Power
EVO Performance Exhaust System – Cat backs, Turbo backs, Downpipes, Mufflers, Headers and more!  Agency Power manufacturers a huge selection of Performance Exhaust Systems for most vehicles.  Developing prototype systems here at itsArizona,USA facility, Agency Power does extensive road and dyno testing.  With its focus to provide the best sounding systems and components which produce performance gains across the RPM band, Agency Power’s unique views on exhaust manufacturing has continually received praise from the aftermarket community.  With TIG welding, high quality stainless steel, and exceptional craftsmanship, owning an Agency Power exhaust component brings your vehicle to the next level. EVO exhaust systems for the EVO 7, 8, 9, 10. Includes cat back systems and manifolds, downpipes, up pipes

BORLA PERFORMANCE INDUSTRIES is the pioneer and leader in the design and manufacture of stainless steel performance exhaust. We began two decades ago as a manufacturer of exhaust systems for such “concourse classics” as Rolls-Royce and Ferrari cars and have evolved into the premier manufacturer of today’s performance vehicles for the street, off-road, and racing. Cat back EVO exhaust systems and headers

Well respected exhaust manufacturer of super high quality exhaust systems and headers/manifolds for
DM/Japanese domestic market cars. Huge range of EVO 5,6,7,8,9 EVO X exhaust systems from titanium to stainless steel headers, cat back exhaust systems, sports catalysts/sports cats, link pipes and up pipes. Complete exhaust solutions

Full Race
Full race make a range of Impreza exhaust headers for EVO 7,8,9 and EVO X. No matter what power you want full Race has got an EVO exhaust header set up for you, GT30, GT35, GT40

Hayward and Scott
Specialist EVO performance exhaust manufacturer. Down pipes, turbo elbows, cat backs, cat by pass pipes. Car Covered: EVO 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and EVO X

HIB Exhausts LLangefni Anglesey

Magnaflow                   Magnaflow uk – Tokyo express           Magnaflow Greece – Street and Circuit
American exhaust manufacturer using straight through exhaust design constructed from stainless steel and titanium. Car makers covered  EVO X, EVO 7,8,9

Milltek                   milltek uk  – power station            Milltek Greece – street and circuit
Although most famous for their VAG exhaust systems Milltek also manufacture a range of EVO exhausts. Milltek make downpipes, sports cat, turbo back exhaust systems and cat back EVO exhaust systems. Models covered EVO 7,8,9 and EVO X

One of the original performance exhaust manufacturers, Mongoose are heavily involved in the Japanese car scene and have a large range of applications for the EVO
Cars Covered: EVO 7,8,9

Perrin Performance
Perrin specialise in EVO tuning and they make a large variety of parts including exhaust systems and exhaust components including equal length headers, cat by pass pipes, downpipes and silencers

Piper Performance Exhausts, Folkestone, Kent, UK
Piper Performance Exhausts full range of products aimed at the competition and track day market Including manifolds, systems and silencers. New for 2008 will be a re-packable silencer along with a Stinger device for reducing DB levels for track days  Piper have a box and cat by pass pipe for the EVO 4,5,6

Custom performance exhaust manufacturer. If you are finding it hard to find a performance exhaust for your car or your looking for exhaust to fit a new body kit to your car (e.g. where the tailpipe exit is different/ extra outlets etc) powerflow can help. Powerflow can make any Impreza exhaust design you can think of. for track or for show they can make what you want

Simpson Race Exhausts
Custom Exhaust Manufacturer of headers, manifolds and exhaust systems, All mandrel bent with smooth interiors for maximum exhaust flow. Site contains photos of work carried out on customer race cars. These manifolds look like a work of art. Its worth looking at the site just for the photos. Based inBerkshire,England.

Simpson Race Exhausts manufactures Inconel and stainless steel tubular manifolds and systems for racecars. It supplies fully re-packable silencers and do In house noise testing. It can also supply mandrel bends, merged collectors and any exhaust components

Tanabe                    dealers > tanabe uk – Tokyo Express
Japanese manufacturer of EVO performance stainless steel exhaust systems. Tanabe make a variety of different exhaust models to suit your taste of sound and the exhaust volume you want
Car makers covered include EVO X

Trust                        uk supplier – Special Vehicle Services
Japanese manufacturer of performance exhaust in both stainless steel and titanium. A range of EVO exhausts including cat back exhaust, downpipes, manifold, headers for the EVO 4,5,6,7,8,9 and EVO X

Turbo XS
Stainless steel EVO exhaust systems. Turbo XS make complete turbo back exhaust systems, downpipes, cat back exhaust systems, cat by pass pipes, sports cat, rear mufflers, back boxes for the EVO 8 EVO 9 and EVO X. Systems in 3 inch diameter piping


Exhaust System Coatings

Hi Performance Coatings

The original ceramic header coating

Superior corrosion protection; self-sacrificial quality will not allow corrosion to develop even when damaged

Protection at metal temperatures of -375° F to +1,600° F (1300° F for polished aluminum finish)

Eliminates thermal fatigue and oxidation

Lifetime guarantee against subsurface rust and corrosion

Performance gains from increase exhaust gas velocity, improved airflow, and reduced ambient under hood temperature

Rapid cool-down


Will not blue or stain

Available in 6 colors

Excellent abrasion resistance

Can be applied to both new and used components

WOOF Thermal Management Technology are a provider of premium specialist coating and engineering services to the motorsport industry.

WOOF Thermal Management Technology have developed a range of plasma ceramic coatings, for applications where highly effective thermal barriers are required. These products were specifically developed for the nuclear industry and are now utilised extensively in heavy engineering, thermal management and motorsport industries.

With over 6 years of experience, we have a comprehensive history of supplying high grade thermal barrier coatings for motorsport applications and have an enviable reputation for service and reliability.

WOOF coatings have been specifically developed to reduce under bonnet temperatures, increase power output and to increase the reliability and longevity on ancillary components.

As an aside to the specialist coating services we can also offer precision engineering, CNC machining, turning and milling to our customers.

Furthermore we pride ourselves on delivering superior high quality products and services, with quick turn around and at competitive prices.
Products & Services Offered (Minimum 50words): WOOF Thermal Management Technology offer the following services:

* Plasma sprayed ceramic exhaust, turbo and brake coatings.
* Metal spraying.
* Chrome plating.
* Powder coating
* Engineering services – Milling, turning, balancing etc


WOOF Thermal Management Technology, has applied well proven plasma ceramic coatings technology to high performance automotive applications, to provide highly effective thermal barriers in extreme conditions.

WOOF Thermal Management Technology, based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, provides premium specialist coatings and engineering services to the motorsport industry and direct to end users. The plasma ceramic coatings range has been developed for the nuclear industry, but is proving itself to be very effective and valuable in heavy engineering, aerospace and motorsport industries.

WOOF Thermal Management Technology has extensive experience in supplying premium thermal barrier coatings to the motorsport industry. WOOF coatings have been specifically developed to reduce under bonnet temperatures, increase power output and increase the reliability and longevity of ancillary components.

The durable plasma ceramic coating provides a highly effective thermal barrier on exhausts, turbos and brake parts and enables high performance vehicles to run at cooler temperatures. The plasma ceramic coatings work by preventing heat transfer, which means an increase in power and reduced heat input to other components. A typical drop of 25ºC in under bonnet temperature will result in decreased intake temperature, which can give up to a 5% increase in power and significantly increases ancillary reliability.

The WOOF plasma ceramic coatings can reduce surface temperatures by up to 160ºC and can withstand temperatures of up to 1400ºC. This compares with typical standard ceramic containing paint, which may only reduce surface temperatures by up to 9%.

The Woof premium performance plasma ceramic coating contains magnesia / zirconia and offers the best thermal barrier coating. The coating is creamy white in colour, with a slightly rough surface texture.

There is an alternative darker plasma ceramic coating, which contains alumina / titania and has a grey coloured appearance. This offers similar reductions in surface temperature, although the radiation of heat is slightly greater than with magnesia / zirconia. In all cases, except maybe some extreme situations, this coating gives the performance advantage but is less prone to aesthetic degradation due to its darker colour. This means the coating stays fresh and smart looking, which may be important for concourse cars.

The well known white exhaust coatings became very popular in the 1990’s and are applied on many new breed turbo charged four wheel drive world rally cars. The proof of their effectiveness was demonstrated by the teams who opted to utilise these coatings; which include key players in the industry such as Subaru and Mitsubishi.

These days the use of ceramic coatings has become widespread including Touring Cars, Super Car manufacturers and various rallying disciplines, which has led through to private owners using the coatings on track day cars and fast road cars. WOOF Thermal Management Technology currently supplies Mellors Elliot Motorsport and the works Proton S2000 Team.

Chris Richardson of Woof Thermal Management Technology, says: “It’s a really exciting time for WOOF and we are thrilled to be expanding our services within the motorsport industry. To support our commitment to the industry we have decided to sponsor the Lancashire & Districts Subaru owners’ club ‘Best in Show’ trophy at the prestigious Preston Flag Market car show in April. This lets us get close to the car owners and provides great networking opportunities.”

For more information on Woof Thermal Management Technology please visit Or contact Chris Richardson on 01274 301098.

A miracle heat coating for exhausts. Manifolds and headers treated with Zirotec radiate massively less heat than untreated parts. So much so that the difference in heat is noticeable with a hand even from a distance

Exhaust System Parts

Performance Tube Bending
A full service tube bending and custom fabrication company with the resources and knowledge to help you meet all of your needs.

Performance Tube Bending has the capability to bend tubing in most sizes from 1/4” to 6”. Multiple tube sizes are possible on tight or wide radius bends.

Fabrication and Manufacturing Capabilities Mandrel Tube Bending
From 1/4” OD on up to 6” OD
on tight or wide radius bends.

Tube End Finishing
Surface Finishing Available
•Powder Coating
•Chrome Plating
•Zinc Plating
•And More


Find performance parts on ebay

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