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Ferrari Enzo vs Porsche Carrera GT

Highlights of EVO Magazine test issue 149

Ferrari Enzo is by far the most magnetic shape for passers-by

The Porsche Carrera GT has super thick doors, overlapping analog gauges, manual 6 speed gearbox, no switch gear on steering wheel and starts on the turn of the ignition key. Conventional

Bare carbon fibre footwells and sills, floor mounted pedals. Gear knob topped with birch wood.

Ferrari Enzo

Sound of engine the cleanest and most pure of any supercar ever produced

Engine is inertia free and revs rise and fall almost instantly with a press of the accelerator

Ceramic composite clutch is grabby.

Porsche Carrera GT

Tyres take time to warm up, until they do the Porsche Carrera GT is twitchy

Brakes are strong and give good power right from the top of the pedal travel

Totally immersive to drive

Ferrari Enzo has very deep sills

Not so nervous from cold, tyres warm up in a corner or two

Generally the Ferrari Enzo is less twitchy at the limit

The Ferrari Enzo has less feel through the steering wheel compared to the Carrera GT.

In race mode the paddle shift gearbox on the Enzo is brutal in a good way

Which is best?

The Ferrari’s V12 has more drama and the power delivery is more flexible the Ferrari is also more playful at the limit

Test took place at Rockingham Speedway

Porsche Carrera GTEngine: 5.7litre V10Location: Mid Longitudinal

Power: 604bhp @ 8000rpm

Torque: 435lbs/ft @ 5750rpm

Transmission: 6 Speed Manual, Rear Wheel Drive, :Limited Slip Diff, ASC

Suspension Front: Double Wishbones, coil springs, dampers, anti-roll bar

Suspension Rear: Double Wishbones, coil springs, dampers, anti-roll bar

Brakes Front: Carbon Ceramic Discs 380mm, ABS

Brakes Rear: Carbon Ceramic Discs 380mm, ABS

Wheels Front: 9.5 x 19 inches

Wheels Rear: 12.5 x 20 inches

Tyres Front: 265/30-19

Tyres Rear: 335/30-20

Weight: 1380kg

Power-to-weight ratio: 445 bhp/ton

0-62mph: 3.7 secs

Top Speed: 205mph

Price New: 323,000GBP

Number Built: 1270

Production Years: 2004-2006

EVO Rating: 5 Stars

Ferrari EnzoEngine: 6 Litre, V12Location: Mid Longitudinal

Power: 650bhp @ 7800rpm

Torque: 485 lbs/ft @ 5500rpm

Transmission: 6 Speed Sequential Manual with Paddle shift, Rear Wheel Drive, LSD, Traction Control

Suspension Front: Double Wishbones, Coil Springs, Dampers, Anti Roll Bar

Suspension Rear: Double Wishbones, Coil Springs, Dampers, Anti Roll Bar

Brakes Front: Carbon Ceramic Discs 380mm, ABS

Brakes Rear: Carbon Ceramic Discs 380mm, ABS

Wheels Front: 9 x 19 inches

Wheels Rear: 13 x 19 inches

Tyres Front: 245/35-19

Tyres Rear: 345/35-19

Weight: 1365kg

Power-to-weight ratio: 484bhp/ton

0-62mph: 3.7secs

Top Speed: 217mph+

Price New: 450,000GBP

Number Built: 400

Production Years: 2002-2004

EVO Rating: 5 Stars

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