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Focus RS Mountune vs Focus RS BBR (MK2 Focus)

How does the Focus RS Mountune compare to the Focus RS BBR? Highlights of EVO Magazine article issue 149

Standard Focus RS does not feel like it needs more power

The Focus RS has established itself as a Ford tuning industry favourite

The Mountune MP350 has taken an OEM approach while the BBR is much more in your face

Ford Focus RS BBR RS380

The effect of the conversion is subtle, the power delivery is more meaty with a nice kick at the top end

The Focus RS Mountune is so subtle that power can be easily modulated with the throttle

The Fous RS BBR RS380 conversion includes a new intercooler, air filter, injectors, sports exhaust and makes an extra 82bhp and 64lbs/ft

The BBR RS380 conversion feels like an animal, first gear can easily be spun away, so can second gear and third gear can also trouble the tyres

The BBR Rs380 conversion makes the Focus RS a very quick A to B weapon

One problem with the BBR car is that part throttle can be jerky

On the whole the BBR Focus RS is enjoyable when you get use to it, rather than being completely unruly

The mapping on the BBR Focus is not as smooth, you can feel the dips in the power curve, the changes in power as you progress up the curve can be enough to unsettle the car in corners

BBR also offer a chassis pack for the Focus RS suspension which includes lowering springs and Koni dampers. These changes actually make the car ride a bit softer but mean the car looses some adjustability in the corners

In summary, the BBR RS380 conversion is the much more exciting of the 2 tuning kits so it is really down to personal choice which Focus RS tuning pack you go for.

Focus RS Mountune MP350Engine: 5 Cylinder, 2.5litre, TurboPower: 345bhp @ 5750rpmTorque: 339lbs/ft @ 3500rpm

0-60mph: 5.4secs

Top Speed: 165mph

Conversion Cost: 1995GBP plus fitting

EVO Rating: 5 Stars

Plus Points: Noticable power increase, refined as stock

Negatives: Too subtle for some

Focus RS BBR RS 380Engine: 5 Cylinder, 2.5litre, TurboPower: 382bhp @ 6080rpmTorque: 388lbs/ft @ 3000-4650rpm

0-60mph: 5.3secs

Top Speed: 165mph

Conversion Price: 2840GBP fitted

EVO Rating: 5 Stars

Plus Points: Big power gains, makes car more exciting

Negatives: Part throttle jerkiness, too much excitement?

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