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Focus ST MK2 Buying Guide

Engine borrowed from Volvo

5 Cylinder means it sounds like no other Ford

Variable valve timing on both camshafts, lighter flywheel, recalibrated throttle MAP

7000rpm rev limit

15mm lower and 30% stiffer springs.

Front upper strut brace and thicker front lower subframe

Focus ST Buying Guide – Interior

ST3 had full leather and rear seats for 2 people only

Mountune conversion makes 260bhp

Plenty of STs on the market so if you don’t like something move on to another one

Focus ST Buying Guide – Engine

Up to April 2008 the 2.5 litre 5 cylinder motor suffered from cracked cylinder liners, check for mayonnaise in the oil filter. More likely a problem on modified cars because of the increased cylinder pressures.

Symptoms can seem like head gasket failure but they rarely fail. 1 headgasket to 30 liners is a common ratio

Ford does not supply block only so new engine required

If car sings like a kettle at idle, diaphragm in oil filter housing has split.

Solenoid boos valves can fail, boost gauge should go to over half and then drop down a little bit, or read more if the car has a chip.

If the boost gauge fails to register more than a quarter of the dial the solenoid valve is probably at fault

It is 85GBP for the valve

Focus ST Buying Guide – Transmission

Clutch on early cars is weak and can slip. RS has a stronger kit so that is usually used as a replacement. RS flywheel also required when changing to RS clutch. 900GBP to convert to the RS clutch setup

Clicking from driveshafts could mean car had missed the Ford factory recall for mismatched driveshafts and CV joint splines. Left side drive shaft boot fails a lot. If it’s not fixed it can cost 380GBP for a new drive shaft.

Focus ST Buying Guide - Engine bay with Code:Red intake

Focus ST Buying Guide – Suspension

Front anti roll bar drop links wear quickly

The rear bushes on the front wishbones can split after as little as 12,000 miles, they are fluid filled. Polyurethane items is the best choice here as the bushes are not available on their own from Ford.

Focus ST Buying Guide – Interior

Boot can leak, check for a damp carpet. Leaking is due to missing sealant around the hinges

Water bottle can leak

Drivers seat base can break, check if the seat rocks back and forth. It can be welded.

Fuel economy as low as 14mpg around town average around 24mpg

Focus ST Tuning – Specs

Engine: 2.5litre, 5 Cylinder, 20Valve Turbo

Max Power: 222bhp @ 6000rpm

Max Torque: 236lbs/ft @ 1600-4000rpm

Transmission: 6 Speed Manual, Front Wheel Drive

Tyres: 225/40-18

Weight: 1317kg

Power-to-weight ratio: 162bhp/ton

0-60mph: 6.7secs

Top Speed: 150mph

Price New: 17,495GBP 2005

Focus ST Buying Guide – Servicing

12,000miles 145GBP

24,000miles inc Brake Fluid 185GBP

36,000miles inc Spark Plugs 260GBP

Cam Belt Change 120,000 miles

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