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Ford Focus Lower Control Arm Replacement – How-To

Ford Focus Lower Control Arm Rear

The Ford Focus lower control arm replacement can be a total nightmare of a job.

The issue is the outer bolt. If it has seized inside the inner sleeve of the bush, a 1 minute job turns into an hour job and it gets expensive.

If you are in this position with the seized outer bolt this is what I did to get the lower control arm replaced.

Tools Required

  • Reciprocating saw (I chose this one because it had a 20mm stroke. 30mm may work, I’m not sure if there is room)
  • Specific metal cutting blades for reciprocating saw (not wood & metal blades, blades for metal) x 10
  • Multi oil
  • Dremel
  • Dremel metal cutting discs x 2, 38mm
  • Axle stands
  • Spot light
  • Replacement Bolt (we are going to cut the existing one)
  • The rear lower control arm
  • Black metal spray paint

Step 1 – Ford Focus Lower Control Arm Replacement – Rear, Front

We need to cut the bush. We need to cut the inner sleeve with the reciprocating saw. I started on the front side. I oiled the blade every 20 seconds or so to keep everything cool.

Step 2 – More cutting

After this I cut the rear side of the bush. On first glance this looks impossible, the hub is obscuring access. However, we can pull the lower control arm forward. I used cable ties to hold it in place.

You need to separate the inner and outer bushes if you haven’t already.

If the bolt is seized to the bush this should be no problem. Just turn the bolt and rip the rubber.

Once the rear part of the sleeve is cut through the control arm will be free. The rear part of the bolt will also fall out.

Step 3 – The Head

No we are just left with the head of the bolt stuck in the knuckle. Here I got the Dremel and grinded out the sleeve of the bush from the inside of the knuckle. The width of the 38mm cutting disc is just enough to get to the centre of the bolt. I worked my way around the sleeve and the bolt and eventually I could lever out the sleeve and the bolt. Job done. Now we can fit the new bush.

Step 4 – Before Re-assembly

Before we put things back together I think its a good idea to give the knuckle a quick spray. The grinding and the cutting probably stripped some paint of the knuckle.

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