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Pulsar GTIR Tuning – 1/4 Times

Nissan Pulsar/Nissan Sunny GTIR Tuning – Engine Specifications with Acceleration and 1/4mile times. Based on an article which originally appeared in Banzai Magazine No.5-2005. The acceleration tests were carried out at Bruntingthorpe using Race Technologies AX22 timing equipment.


Nissan Sunny/Nissan Pulsar GTi-R 1

Specs: SR20DET, HKS 1.2mm head gasket, HKS SSQV dump valve, Simota induction kit, Walbro fuel pump, NGK Iridium plugs, Pace front mounted intercooler, Spec-R boost controller, stage 2 MD188 turbo, GReddy E-Manage ECU, 550cc injectors, HKS stainless steel downpipe, 5Zigen exhaust with de car pipe, AP Racing organic clutch.
Tuner: Not known

Performance Times:
0-60: 7.36seconds.
0-100: 15.60seconds.
1/4 mile: 14.83@98.54mph


Sunny/Pulsar GTi-R 2

Its a tight fit, but the Sunny/Pulsar GTIR with the SR20DET is one of the most tunable engines on the planet

Specs: SR20DET, HKS forged pistons, revised compression ratio, HKS metal head gasket, Racewear head stud kit, DP Motorsport ported head, DP Motorsport spec cams with vernier pulleys, Garrett GT30 Turbo with Turbosmart remote external wastegate, Supra spec HKS front mounted intercooler, recirculating blow off valve, Dp Motorsport tubular manifold leading to custom exhaust, Simota induction kit, Z32 Airflow meter, HKS spark plugs, Walbro fuel pump, Nismo 750cc injectors, Apexi S-AFC fuel controller, Turbosmart boost controller running 2bar, remapped ecu strategy, exhaust exit through side of front bumper, comprehensively lightened. Exedy single plate 6 paddle clutch with lightened flywheel, 14″ drag wheels with cut slick Kuhmo Ecsta V700 tyres.

Tuner: DP Motorsport

Performance Times:
0-60: 3.78seconds
0-100: 7.23 seconds
1/4mile: 11.25@129.69mph.

Nissan Sunny/Nissan Pulsar GTi-R 3

Specs: SR20DET, Tomei 270Deg cams with 12.5mm lift, Tomei pulleys and valve springs, Turbonetics turbo, R33 intercooler, tubular manifold, Apexi Power FC Pro ECU, Blitz DSBC boost controller, 700cc injectors, Front mounted intercooler, non vented bonnet, battery re located to boot. Yokohama A080 Cut slick tyres.

Tuner: Not known

Performance Times:
0-60: 3.73seconds
0-100: 7.66 seconds
1/4 mile: 11.52@125.37mph

Nissan Sunny/Nissan Pulsar GTi-R 4

Specs: SR20DET, Norris Designs rebuild with 2.5mm oversized forged pistons and rings, lightened and balanced crankshaft and con rods, Norris Designs ported and polished cylinder head, HKS 2mm head gasket, Garrett hybrid turbo, match ported manifold and inlet, forged pulleys, Pace RS500 front mounted intercooler with custom water spray, HKS 264Deg cams, Sard 700cc injectors, Z32 AFM, Mocal 19 row top mounted oil cooler, Profec B boost controller, Apexi Power FC ECU with Omex launch control and full throttle gearshift, ERL water injection with 20%methanol, Norris Designs adjustable FPR, Norris Designs Group A fuel pump, 75mm dump pipe and down pipe, NOS 40bhp wet nitrous fogger kit, Turbosmart dump valve, K&N induction kit, heat wrapped and shortened induction line, Mongoose stainless steel exhaust system, The Phirm breather system, battery relocated to boot, Quaife close ratio straight cut dog box with shot peened selector forks, Exedy Hyper single plate triple paddle clutch, Jun titanium lightweight flywheel, B&M short shifter mechanism, Nismo engine mounts.

Tuner: Norris Designs

Performance Times: No figures recorded due to broken distributor shaft.

A combination of DP Motorsport & Norris parts on this GTIR makes an awesome combination. Image Source:

Sunny/Pulsar GTi-R 5

Specs: SR20DET rebuilt by HiTeq, lightened and valanced knife edge crankshaft, HKS pistons, HKS 264Deg cams, HKS head gasket, 600cc injectors, Z32 AFM, Apexi Power FC ECU mapped for 1.4 bar boost, ND stage two front mounted intercooler, ND super hybrid turbo, GReddy boost controller, HiTeq hard pipe kit, Blitz air filter, HKS front pipe, de cat pipe, Trust exhaust system with 4.5″ tail pipe, Helix organic clutch.

Tuner: HiTeqNorris Designs

Performance Times:
0-60: 4.65seconds
0-100: 11.68 seconds
1/4mile: 12.97@106.84mph

Sunny/Pulsar GTi-R 6

Specs: SR20DERT, balanced bottom end, ARP bolts, Trust pistons, Tuning Japanese stage 3 high lift cams, vernier cam gears, steel head gasket, 720cc injectors, Walbro fuel pump, Sard adjustable FPR, NGK spark plugs, Magnecor racing plug leads, MSD SS Blaster coil, MoTeC M48 ECU with 3 bar map sensor and air temp sensor, HKS air filter, Blitz blow off valve, Garrett T2871R turbo with 4″ inlet pipe, SS Auto Chrome S14 twin dump pipe, custom 4″ alloy inlet pipe with Pipercross filter in cold air box, SS Autochrome S14 tubular manifold, Mongoose stainless steel exhaust system with de cat and modified down pipe, GTIR Spares front mounted intercooler, Mocal 16 row oil cooler, Nismo engine and gearbox mounts, custom alloy tanks and engine covers, Quaife syncromesh gearbox, quickshift mechanism, AP Racing paddle clutch.

Tuner: Not known

Performance Times:
0-60: 4.71seconds
0-100: 13.28seconds
1/4mile: 13.49@102.86mph

Sunny/Pulsar GTi-R 7

Specs:SR20DET, fully balanced bottom end, TK forged pistons and steel con rods, Tuning Japanese 1.2mm metal head gasket, Tuning Japanese competition bearings, Tuning Japanese head bolt kit, Tuning Japanese oil cooler kit, TJ gas flowed and ported cylinder head, TJ camshafts, Trust T67 turbo with stainless steel tubular manifold and Type R wastegate, HKS EVC V boost controller, Denso 720cc injectors, custom TJ/GT-R front mounted intercooler with mandrel bent hard pipes, TJ 280L/P/H fuel pump, Nismo regulator, relocated battery, custom TJ intake pipe kit, MoTeC M48 Pro ECU, TJ front pipe leading to Mongoose stainless steel exhaust system, TJ shot peened GTi-R transmission with modified syncromesh and baulk rings, AP Racing single plate clutch.

Tuner: Tuning Japanese

Performance Times:
0-60: 4.69seconds
0-100: 11.03seconds
1/4 mile: 13.49@113.97mph

Sunny/Pulsar GTi-R 8

Specs: SR20DET, HKS 264Deg cams, HKS front mounted intercooler with custom stainless steel pipework, custom tubular manifold, GT spec roller bearing turbo with 4″intake, Trust GReddy external wastegate, custom screamer pipe, Sard 700cc injectors, Z32 MAF, Apexi Power FC ECU, Mocal front mounted oil cooler with braided hoses, HKS SSQV blow off valve, HKS S45i spark plugs, Trust/Gracer Airinx induction kit, HKS downpipe, HKS de cat pipe, Mongoose exhaust with 5″ tailpipe, Walbro 255lph fuel pump, HKS ceramic paddle clutch, HKS clutch cover, lightened and balanced flywheel, Nearside headlight removed for improved airflow to induction kit, Cry02 intercooler sprayer, Quaife gearbox.

Tuner: The Garage

Performance Times:
0-60: 4.14seconds
0-100: 10.29seconds
1/4mile: 12.50@111.34mph

Sunny/Pulsar GTi-R 9

Specs: SR20DET, JE forged pistons, 1.2mm metal head gasket, Piper cams, SE cold air intake kit, battery relocation kit, Pace front mounted intercooler, hybrid T28turbo with 360deg thrust bearing, Kakimoto exhaust with Abbey Motorsport de cat pipe, HKS SSQ dump valve, HKS fuel cut defender, Sard FRP, HKS iridium spark plugs, Apexi AVC-R boost controller, Grp N organic clutch.

Tuner: Not known

Performance Times:
0-60: 6.91seconds
0-100 14.45 seconds
1/4 mile: 15.37@101.60mph

Sunny/Pulsar GTi-R 10

Specs: SR20DET, HKS 87mm forged pistons, revised compression ratio, HKS metal head gasket, Racewear head stud kit, DP ported cylinder head, DP spec cams with vernier pulleys, Garrett GT28 turbo with Turbosmart remote external wastegate, Forge Motorsport front mounted intercooler, recirculating blow-off valve, DP tubular manifold leading to custom exhaust, Simota induction kit, Mocal 13 rom oil cooler, Z32 airflow meter, HKS s45i spark plugs, Walbro fuel pump, RC 700cc injectors, Apexi S-AFC fuel controller, Turbosmart boost controller running 2 bar, Apexi Power FC ECU, Exedy single plate six-paddle clutch with lightweight flywheel.

Tuner: DP Motorsport

Performance Times:
0-60: 3.83seconds
0-100: 9.11seconds
1/4mile: 11.67@120.62mph

DP Motorsport tuned GTIR 11.080 @131mph


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