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If your looking for Honda insurance your not short of brokers that you can phone for a quote for your Civic, CRX, S2000, Jazz, Accord or whatever Honda you may be driving. But if your reading StrikeEngine your probably driving a modified Honda which, for the non-specialist or high street insurance broker this can set alarm bills ringing and the price of the quote upwards. At StrikeEngine we have put together a list of modified Honda insurance companies that specialise in modified cars, that specialise in covering performance car and the specialise in insuring cars which are Japanese cars.

A quality insurance company can take a lot of the stress out of a problem like this

If your Honda is modified or if you use it on track days the following insurance brokers will be more than happy to give you a quote that could well be less than insurance cover. The specialist insurers listed here can also offer additional insurance cover which can be used to cover any modifications you have made to your car.

For example you may have a coil over suspension kit fitted, if the parts are damaged in the accident the insurance broker will compensate you for the loss of the parts. Mainstream brokers have started to offer cover for ICE but the specialist brokers are one step ahead and appreciate that owners of performance modified Hondas are looking for something more.

On a separate page we have also listed insurance brokers who offer cover specifically for track days although the insurance companies here may also offer insurance for track days

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Some of the Honda insurance brokers listed below don’t have a website, where the brokers only give cover over the phone we have given their telephone number.


Honda Insurance Specialists

Advance Insurance

Barry Grainger

Insurance Factory

Sky Insurance


Honda Insurance Broker Directory
Honda Insurance Broker Directory

Mark Richard Insurance

Simply Insurance – Tel: 0800 612 9376

Academy Insurance Services – Tel: 0800 288 9246

Adrian Flux Insurance – Tel: 0800 505 3000

A Plan Insurance – Tel: 0845 071 1234

Warwick Davies – Tel: 08717 502107

Heritage – Tel: 0845 3385033

Haden Welbeck – Tel: 0845 130 4151

Basildon Insurance – Tel: 0800 288 9210

Keith Michaels – Tel: 0845 337 3380

TettHamilton – Tel: 01275 792270

FSA – This is a link to the FSA where you can carry out a search for FSA approved insurance brokers. Please note that some of the Honda insurance brokers listed on this page may be trading names or they may be part of a larger insurer

Beat That Quote
Not a Honda insurance but a car insurance comparison website


Honda Insurance – Forums

Below we have compiled a list of links to forums where people have been discussing issues and experiences they have had insuring their modified Honda, be it an S2000, Accord, Civic, CRX. These links can give some useful and interesting insights to other Honda owners experience and they may also recommend modified Honda insurance brokers which are not listed on this page.



Honda Insurance Directory - Honda S2000 Crash Test
Honda Insurance Directory – Honda S2000 Crash Test

Honda are/were offering free insurance for 7 days, there seemed to be some confusion as to the point of this offer

“My dealer recommended it as a means of cutting out the hassle of getting the car taxed etc.

Honda Insurance (Zurich) emailed the fact that I had insured the car for seven days to the dealer, so that they could sort out the tax disc and I only needed to inform my current insurers that I had changed the car on the day rather than worry about them sending a cover note and me getting the cover note to the garage some days before so that they could get the tax disc.”

Honda Civic modified, make sure you declare all modifications!

Even though the car is fitted with optional parts it seems insurance companies treat these parts are modifications and want them declared, this is a new one on us!

“Just been messing around with on line car insurance quotes as mine is due within the next month. I have a set of 18″ storms on the car, these seem to be viewed by insurnace companies as a modification, the difference between declaring them and not is around £200!”

A members car was so badly damaged that he wouldn’t be happy driving it again even if the insurance company fixed, he wanted to know where he stood, could he refuse the repair?

“My Type R was recent’y “bussed” and is currently waiting for the assessor to get his thumb from his bum and look at it.

Personally I’d expect it to be a write off, but if they say it’s repairable how do i stand?

I wouldn’t be happy knowing it’d been fixed and would never trust it again. ”

– Honda Civic with slight front end damage, easily repairable.

Honda Civic Forum
A new driver has been quoted a huge price to insure his standard Civic. If your a new/young driver, check out ourYoung Driver Car Insurance page, it has insurance brokers who specialise in insuring new/young drivers

“hi there guys, i have (ie parents) just bought an ej9 civic for myself as a first car! its a 1.4i with NO modifications! i passed my test about three weeks ago so i dont have any expireince or anything! my dad has been ringing around all day to find cheep quotes but about 6 companies that we rang wont insure me at all and others wanted over £3000!!!”

Honda Civic Forum
A member has a B18 in his Civic, he was wondering how insurers are with an engine swap where the engine never came in the car the engine was now fitted to

“to the best of my knowledge the b18 never went in to a factory production 3 door so my question to anyone who has done the swap is

what did your insurance co say”

– Easily done, misunderstanding between a truck and a Honda Civic could be expensive for the insurance companies

Honda Civic Forum
A member wants to find a better deal on his insurance, he is 17years old and wants a EP3 Type-R

“Hii, My Names Michael, Ive Wanted An Ep3 Civic For A First Car Since I Saw It On Top Gear Back In 2004, I Have About 10k To Spend But As I Have Discovered, A Type R Is Expensive To Insure”

A member is trying to make sense of the price insurance companies are quoting for the S2000

“I’m slightly perplexed to as why the S2000 is seen as such a danger to insurance companies. I’ve had some fairly lairy cars for my age and my broker knows this but he still can’t find me a half decent quote!

22 with 3 years NCB, no point or accidents in a A rated post code = £1200.

Considering i paid £750 fully comp to insure my TVR T350 last year when i was 21 that seems a bit of a joke!”


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  1. i am going to get a crx vtec, b18 bottom end, lsd gearbox but the insirance company doesnt have to know!
    ive priced it up and it is £3000.
    i think it is personally okay because my first car was a 6n2 polo which was a 1.0l , no declared mods and it was 2700! :L


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