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Car Insurance Information / Car Insurance Cover Information

Car Insurance Information – General information on levels of car insurance cover, how car insurance premiums are calculated are information on insurance cover for driving in Europe and how long UK car insurance policies cover you for European driving.

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Basic Car Insurance Information

Car Insurance is a legal requirement in most countries of the world and the primary purpose of car insurance is to provide financial protection for the driver of the vehicle should the car or driver be involved in an accident. Accident being the operative word, deliberately damage caused to the vehicle is not covered under any insurance that we know off.

There are 3 levels of car insurance in theUK;

Third party only
Third Party Fire and Theft and
Fully Comprehensive.

Basic Car Insurance Information

If you have a car imported from Japan, there are companies who specialise in insuring cars like yours. Check the Japanese Import Insurance page for contact details

Third Party Car Insurance

Third party car insurance covers, as the name suggests, third parties, (i.e. other people). Should the car or driver be involved in an accident only the third parties will receive financial compensation.

Third Part Fire and Theft Car Insurance

As third party but fire and theft in/off the vehicle will entitle the insured to financial compensation.

Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance.

This totality of fully comprehensive high performance car insurance cover depends on the insurance company, but as a minimum the cover should reimburse the insured for all direct costs caused by an accident/incident. i.e. repair of the insured’s vehicle and repair/compensation for all other parties involved in the accident. Although the cover can stretch as far as medical expenses, hire car (while the car is being repaired), hotel expenses and so on.

Of course all this cover will only come into effect if the insured is the person at fault. If the insured is the one at fault then the third parties insurance will cover all of the insured expenses.

The minimum legal requirement for car insurance in theUKis third party only and this is also the case for most European countries.

Car Insurance Premium Calculation.

High performance car insurance premiums in theUKare free to be set by the insurer. To do this a raft of statistical data is used with factors such as age, driving experience, value of the car, miles traveled per year, area of residence, activities the car will be used for, where the car is kept overnight, level of no claims bonus, gender, type of job and insurance group of the car. These are most of the basic factors but other information could well be asked for.

No Claim Bonus.

For every insurance policy (1 year duration) that is taken out and not claimed against then the insured is entitled to a discount of the following year’s insurance premium. 1 Years no claims gives approximately 30% of the next insurance policy and this amount reduces until the 5th year where the discount will be a maximum of 60% in other words 5 years no claims bonus will equate to approximately 60% discount.

Having a big exces means cheaper insurance but it also means you will be paying for a bigger part of any repairs


This is the amount the insured pays before the car insurance company will offer any financial compensation, For example an accident that costs 1500Pounds and the insured excess is 100Pounds then the insured will receive 1400Pounds from the insurance company. A tactic to get a lower premium is to ask the potential insurer for 2 quotes, one for their offered excess, say 100Pounds and 1 for 500Pounds. The difference will vary from insurer to insurer and it is up to the consumer if the extra excess is worth the risk.

Insurance Group.

The factors that go into calculating the car’s insurance group again relies heavily on statistical data, the most obvious factors taken into consideration being the value of the car, how likely it is to be stolen, the security rating (Thatcham) of the anti theft devices on the car, the power of the car and how likely it is to be involved in an accident. Cars with the lowest insurance group are low powered, tend to be small cars, have a low value and are unattractive to thieves.

The UK Car Insurance Market.

The competition in the high performance car insurance market in theUKis fierce. Shopping around for the best deals can save hundreds of pounds. Insurance companies can be found in the back of motoring papers and car related magazines.

European Car Insurance.

It is now EU law for car insurance companies to provide third party insurance for all drivers who wish to drive in mainlandEuropefor as long as the insurance policy is in effect. On the back on the policy document there will be a declaration stating this fact in the most popular European languages. Insurance companies often state that the maximum cover they can supply will be anything from 30days to 3 months, this may well be true for Third Party Fire and Theft and Fully Comprehensive insurance but not for Third Party only insurance. Obviously it is important to be as honest as required with the car insurance company.

Motorsport Insurance Information.

This is not usually covered on motor insurance, at least competitive motorsport, but at least one company, Herts Insurance Consultants, offer Track Day Insurance as long as there is no competitive aspect to the Track Day, i.e. lap timing.

Car Audio Insurance.

For cars which have a relatively expensive car stereo system then insurance is available to cover this equipment from theft and damage.

Insurance Scams

It’s not a nice subject but unfortunately is does occur and you may not even realise it has happened to you.

This is an example of an insurance scam where a driver deliberately does an emergency stop in front of you for no reason causing you to run into the back of him. An open and shut case for the “victims” insurance company but your insurance company may be able to help you, if you suspect fraud

“You’re on a roundabout, when suddenly the car in front of you slams on its brakes – but you can’t tell, because the brake lights don’t work. You hit the car…but have you actually been the victim of a scam?

How It Works

The key to this scam is that it’s difficult to prove it’s a scam by the insurance companies, and that the police generally will not investigate or prosecute unless presented with strong evidence by those insurance companies. It first came to light in early 2005, with a spate of similar accidents in West Yorkshire, although the idea is thought to have originated in the North West.

A driver, usually in an old car, disconnects his brake lights, so you can’t tell when he’s braking. When being followed around a roundabout, he slams on his brakes for no obvious reason, and the driver behind then ploughs into them, causing damage to the cars involved and usually a injury to the first driver and passengers, more commonly whiplash.” Read the full article atsafe from scams

Reasons for Cars Being Stolen

There are a number of reasons for your car being stolen and the reasons will be directly related to the type of car you have, how old it is and how valuable it is.

Here are some reasons why your car may be stolen

1. Easy to steal – Cars without alarms, immobilisers are an easy target. Newer cars are much harder to steal than older cars but as the technology has developed so has the knowledge of car thieves
2. “Cool” for 17-25year olds – Experienced thieves may take your car to simply show off or to show their competence
3. Valuable – For parts or to sell the complete car on or to export the car
4. Fast – Drivers looking for a buzz before they dump it
5. Opportunity – the right time and the right place, for example you have left the keys in the car while you have popped into the shop
6. Transport – Experienced car thieves may steal your car simply to get where they want to go
7. Anonymity – Criminals may take your car for use in other robberies. A stolen car is harder to trace back to the culprits of the main crime
8. Contents – If your car has an expensive sound systems, sat nav, alloy wheels, expensive parts such as coil overs, body kit, carbon body parts, aftermarket seats and rare, desirable parts. Any of these factors will make your car more of a target for thieves.

To reduce the chances of your car being stolen try and remove the factors that motivate the thieves in the first place. How far you go depends on how much your image is tied to the car you drive!

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