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How Grosjean survived fireball Bahrain F1 crash that split his car in two


I haven’t seen a reply yet but I’m going with Vettel, a barrier should never fail. As for the angle, it is semi perpendicular to the corner exit, a big no no. You wouldn’t want to spectate in that area  in rallying ie corner exit ergo the barrier in the area must be parallel to the track.

F1 is great in so many ways but they are also guilty of some incredibly stupid things. Barrier at that angle for Grosjean’s crash being the latest, starting qualifying in Turkey in wet conditions with a slippery track with heavy machinery still on the track being the one before this, why don’t they remember Bianchi?

There needs to be a serious look at the decision making process of the race stewards, something other than safety is entering the decision making process. With regards to equipment and marshalls on the track, can we not say in this situation the track must always be under safety car and all cars must remain behind the safety car ie all cars must be driving slowly. Let the trapped cars through after the track is empty, if that means a few more laps of safety car, so be it.


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