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Leicester vs Fulham Prediction 30.11.20

Fulham showed more confidence, more self belief in their last game against Everton.

That would have meant more if the game was earlier in the season when Everton were more of a force. In recent games we can see Everton have taken a noticeable dip in form which devalues to some extent, Fulham’s performance against them last week.

All the same I would expect Fulham to put on a better performance than the average this season. They are showing improvement.

Leicester are coming off a heavy defeat to Liverpool. Leicester are generally a solid team, they do their business and if the team they are playing against are better on the day so be it. Leicester are consistent. Liverpool have been up and down this year, at least compared to last year, Leicester just happened to play Liverpool on a very good day last week.

Leicester will be stinging after such a big defeat so they will be coming into this week with a point to prove and they will believe that they are superior to Fulham. Goal difference looks like it will come into play for the championship this year, granted it is early days to be making judgments like that but I think it will be in the back of Leicesters mind. Spurs are playing well this year and that is one more team to think about come the end of the season and getting a place to Europe. This year’s race looks to be closer and on top of that at least one extra team in the mix, so again, goal difference will be on their minds so they will be wanting to beat Fulham and beat Fulham well.

The game is being played in Leicester which I think will be a benefit.

Can Fulham get a goal against Leicester? Mitrovich was not on the scoresheet last week, granted he did only play for 32 minutes, and the two other goalscorers did not play the full 90. What does this mean? Fulham may not be so dependent on Mitrovich for goals which has to be a good thing. Mitrovich’s penalty miss for Serbia will also be something he wants to put right.

I can’t imagine Fulham scoring more than one goal. Everton have not had the tightest defence this year so perhaps we should not read too much into the two goals Fulham scored against them

Fulham have not had a big defeat this season, worst is two nil versus West Brom. The first top five test was Everton and they let in two goals. Leicester arguably have more scoring power than Everton. Putting all that together I think a scoreline of 3-0 or 3-1 is the most likely. Leicester scoring 4 or 5 goals would not be unexpected.

To wrap up. Fulham have not been the biggest scorers.

Fulham’s defense has been relatively stingy but they have not played a top five side yet

Leicester’s defense seems to be coming back, ignoring the in form Liverpool result. Leicester will want to bounce back from last weeks big loss to Liverpool and they will be looking at goal difference which means them looking for a lot of goals.

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