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Intrax 1K2 Coilover Suspension Porsche 997 – The best of all worlds

Roger Green at EVO magazine reviewed Intrax’s latest coilover suspension kit for the Porsche 997 Carrera 2.

The ride of the Carrera 2 as standard can be described as “jiggly” but the Intrax 1K2 suspension manages to round of the harsh bumps while still retaining flat cornering and if anything, cornering limits are actually increased despite the increase in ride comfort.

Of course the improvements come from the valving and the choice of spring rates.

From what I understand the springs on the kit are progressive and the spring seats are also hydraulic, this probably explains how it can take the edge of small bumps and kill that “jiggly” feel.

For such a nice ride you must have valving that varies with speed. For fast compressions when going over bumps, you want relatively little resistance but in slower speed compression, like when turning into a corner you want a stiff damper to help keep roll to a minimum.

The ingredients for a supple but performance orientated suspension is quite easy. The difficulty is achieving what you want.

Valve selection is particularly tricky especially if you want to keep costs down.

From Roger Green’s impressions, it seems Intrax have hit the nail on the head with their 997 Carrera 2 coilover suspension.

The price? 2920GBP, like I said, quality valving and the research that goes into designing and building a quality suspension set up is never cheap.

Intrax Website

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