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M140 Review Shadow/Motech Edition – LLF

M140 review – Another stormer from LLF. A unique take on car reviewing. Easily one of the best car reviewers on YouTube. Do yourself a favour, subscribe to LLF


By LivingLifeFast

0:44 The weather

1:00 Maxton styling accessories

1:12 Joe Achilles Intro

1:46 Joe’s BMW history

2:00 Details of the mods

3:00 The difference with Eibach springs

3:30 140/240 rear strut brace

4:00 Ultimate M140i

4:30 N55 vs B58

5:10 Sunroof

6:00 Luggage area

6:58 The spin with exhaust sound shots

7:22 What is the difference between cars with an LSD and without

8:10 Does not having a limited slip diff give more confidence?

8:40 Dash trim

9:10 The sound under full bore acceleration

11:25 Alcantara steering wheel

12:30 Country road

13:10 Exhaust sound

13:50 Ricky takes over

14:50 The gearbox

15:10 ZF vs DCT

15:35 Brake smoke

18:40 The LLF philosophy

19:40 M140 pricing


And dont forget to watch the R32 review again 😉

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