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JRE – Top 10 Joe Rogan Podcasts (YouTube)

These are our Top 10 Joe Rogan Podcasts at the time of writing

This list is in no particular order and may or may not be car biased.

The number one factor we look for in a podcast is telling you things you didn’t know, telling you things you never hear in the mainstream media, making you interested in something you never considered and/or changing the way you think about life in general.

Big goals but the Joe Rogan podcast delivers. Joe gets better and better, the insight and how he gets people to open up makes him one of the finest if not thee finest interviewers, at least of the modern era.

Here is the StrikeEngine Top 10 JRE Podcasts

Annie Jacobsen JRE

Starts of slow but turns into one of the best podcasts. Fascinating insight into second world war, into how the CIA operates, meeting relatives of Nazis and a specialist on Area 51

Graham Hancock and Randal Carlson JRE

These guys have been on his podcast a few times so I’ll group all their podcasts together as one. An absolute tour de force that will change your perspective not only on the history we are taught but the world in general. Absolutely brilliant.

Alex Jones JRE

They’ll be analysing this podcast for years

Paul Stamets JRE

There is nothing on this earth that is not fixable by mushrooms.

Andy Stumpf JRE

A glimpse into the armed forces

Robert Schoch & Anthony West JRE

An academic gives an alternate view on Egyptian history. Required viewing

Dorian Yates JRE

The world of bodybuilding


Chris Harris & Dale Earnhardt Jr JRE

Required viewing for any car guy


MMA Legend

And his coach. Fascinating insight into philospohy

Peter Schiff JRE

Required viewing for anyone who is remotely interested in politics or economics, by that I mean everyone.

Absolute common sense, absolutely states what we all know to be instinctively true. Peter cuts through all the nonsense that we that we are “taught” about economics and brings us back to reality with a bump. Peter is one of the most switched on and best speakers you are likely to hear.


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