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KW Clubsport vs V3 – Which is Better?

Generic image of KW V3 coilovers

The price of the KW Clubsport vs V3 is about 50% more expensive. What do you get for the extra money and is it worth it? I score the two coilovers by spec to see which wins.

Point of View

I will be scoring the specs from the point of view of someone that is looking for suspension for their track day car, which they drive to the circuit and only use the car occasionally on road. It is not their daily driver.

NOTE: This is purely a spec comparison, I do not know how the kits perform on track when directly compared to each other.

Summary – KW Clubsport vs V3

The KW Clubsport (we are referring to the normal Clubsport not the V4 Clubsport) are more expensive but you do get more features. From a track work perspective, KW Clubsport wins.

Owner comparison >> (BMW M3) here, super satisfied!

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Scoring – KW Clubsport vs KW V3 Coilovers

Here is how the two kits scored against each other in the main categories.

Damper Type

Grey area this. I believe I have read previously the the V3s use twin tube dampers which is more suitable for the road. The KW Clubsport page on the KW website does not say. I am going to assume the are monotube dampers which are more suitable for the track. Given we are looking for suspension for a dedicated track day car, monotube is what we want

KW Clubsport Wins

KW Clubsport 5 : KW V3 0

Independent High & Low Speed Bump Adjustment

The KW Clubsport has it the KW V3 only has low speed adjustment with a separate non adjustable valve for high speed bump. For track we are looking for the maximum amount of adjustability.

KW Clubsport Wins

KW Clubsport 15 : KW V3 5

Rebound Adjustment

Both kits come with adjustable low speed rebound. High speed rebound is a seperate valve but it is not adjustable.


KW Clubsport 15 : KW V3 5

Height Adjustment

Height adjustment on both kits is via the spring seat.


KW Clubsport 15 : KW V3 5

Application List

The KW V3 coilovers have a much larger application list. If you do not have a very popular performance car the KW Clubsport are probably not going to be available for your car.

KW V3 Wins

KW Clubsport 15 : KW V3 10

Spring Options

Neither kit seems to give the option of the use specifying their own springs.


KW Clubsport 15 : KW V3 10


Both kits will have similar weight


KW Clubsport 15 : KW V3 10

Top Mount

KW Clubsport are available with top mounts for the front on some applications. This should give some extra camber adjustment.

KW Clubsport Wins

KW Clubsport 18 : KW V3 10

Remote Reservoir

Greater oil capacity means more consistent performance under hard use. Not clear if all the KW Clubsport kits have remote resevoir. I’m going to call it a draw.

KW Clubsport 18 : KW V3 10


The KW V3 are around 30% less than the KW Clubsport. I am going to score it purely on price because what you get for your money is scored separately.

KW Clubsport 22 : KW V3 18

Conclusion – KW Clubsport vs V3

For track work, the KW Clubsport looks to be the choice. In a way the KW Clubsport vs V3 comparison is unfair. Arguably the two kits are for two different jobs. If we were scoring the kits from a road use perspective the V3 would have been closer.

I think the main takeaway of this comparison is that you do get more for your money with the Clubsport

KW Clubsport wins.

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