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MAF Tuning – When to do it and when not

Tuning the MAF sensor signal is a great of way changing fueling. Its is great for some modifications but not so great for others. This page highlights some of the best uses of MAF tuning and when not to use it.

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MAF tuning suits..

-Exhaust modifications eg downpipes, sport cats, manifolds/headers

-Intake modifications eg filters, intake kits

-Sensor upgrade ie difference diameter MAF sensor

-Sensor replacement, maybe our OE sensor is very expensive, use a MAF sensor from a car whose MAF sensor is cheaper

Slightly larger fuel injectors

Basically any modification which improves the breathing of the engine evenly over the entire rev range

MAF tuning does not suit..


-Turbo/supercharger conversions

-Bigger turbo

-Change of compression/different pistons

-Larger exhaust/intake valves

Basically any modification that radically alters the characteristic of the engine’s volumetric efficiency

Why not big changes?

In two words – Ignition timing

Your engine’s ECU will alter ignition timing according to how much air and fuel are in the combustion chamber, the greater the volume, less ignition timing, more volume, more ignition timing

When you alter the car’s MAF sensor signal you changing how much air and fuel the ECU thinks is in the combustion chamber and this will alter ignition timing.

In short, when you change the MAF signal you are changing ignition timing.

Small changes are okay but big changes you need to address the ignition timing as well.

Products such as the Apexi AFC NEO and MoviChip AutoMAF and powerful but again, if you are making big changes to the engine, you need to think of the ignition timing and use a product that can adjust the ignition timing or if you have the option, the change the ignition timing manually to compensate for the MAF changes you are making, for example, clock your distributor.


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