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Michelin CrossClimate 2 Review – Over-Hyped?

Michelin CrossClimate 2 review of a set I fitted to the car around 6 weeks ago (Nov 2021).

First Things First – Where were they fitted?

I used a Michelin specialist just outside Thessaloniki, Greece. Super friendly guys, very correct, even filled the tyres with nitrogen. I was a bit concerned when they fired on the wheel nuts with a rattle gun (like everyone does) but to my surprise the nuts were not on excessively tightly. Which was nice.

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I chose Michelin CrossClimate 2s because of the reviews I had seen. The fact that the tyres come with a 12 month warranty which covers damage to the tyres from accidents and road hazards was a complete result. The guys that fitted the tyres said no matter where I am in Greece, if I need a replacement tyre I can show the warranty card at any Michelin dealer shown on the Michelin website and they will replace the tyres.

Michelin CrossClimate2 Review

So far I have used the tyres in the temperatures ranging from minus 4 Celsius up to 15 Celsius in the dry, light rain and heavy rain. These are my opinions.

Cold & Dry

In cold and dry weather I have found the CrossClimate 2s absolutely faultless. I am not a slow driver and I have yet to find the limits of grip. Fantastic in braking, acceleration and cornering. Perhaps they are not the last word in feel but the high levels of traction more than make up for that.

Cold & Wet

Again, the tyres have exceeded my expectations. Regardless of whether there is standing water or a light sprinkling sheen on the road, the Michelin CrossClimate 2s give confidence inspiring grip.

I said I have not found the limit of the grip in the dry yet. I can usually find the limits of a tyre pretty quickly even in road driving and especially in the wet and especially in straight line aquaplaning. Not with the CrossClimate 2s.

With the CrossClimate 2s I am more concerned about standing water getting in the engine than I am about the tyres aquaplaning. I am sure they will aquaplane at some point but even in fast road driving, they seem pretty invincible.

Medium Temps (12C) & Dry

Again, there seems to be huge reserves of grip form the tyres. I think you’d have to be travelling very quickly to get to the limits. For most people the CrossClimate 2s are much more than adequate.

Ride Comfort

If there is one area where the CrossClimate 2s fall down, it is in regard to ride comfort. In my opinion they are pretty close to the limit of what is acceptable. In the first 200 meters the ride comfort/hardness was the most obvious difference.

If you are the type of person that must have super comfortable tyres then perhaps the CrossClimate 2 is not the tyre for you. For me personally, the harsh ride is more than offset by the phenomenal performance.

Snow & Sun

If and when I get the opportunity to test the CrossClimate 2 in snow I will do a separate article.

And when the temperatures hit the late thirties Celsius I’ll do an article on how they perform in high temps. (They could be completely useless and turn to gum but we will see!)

Michelin CrossClimate 2 Review – Summary

If you want awesome winter weather performance I think the CrossClimate 2s deserve their top ratings in 2021 winter tyre tests.

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