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Most Sensible Car In The World? Cappuccino Meets Mr Hayabusa

I can’t believe you don’t see these everywhere. I mean it makes so much more sense than a Caterham.

Unlike a Caterham, your indoors with a Cappuccino, it’s got modern technology and it’s narrow so it should be quicker on tight tracks.

The fact that it comes with a sequential gearbox and all the cutting stuff you get with a super bike is the icing on the cake.

Personally, I would take this over an R300 Caterham any day of the week


In car footage from the Hayabusa-powered Suzuki Cappuccino at a Donington-Park Easytrack trackday on 01/11/10 (that’s the first of November for those who do their dates the wrong way around) –


We’ve always found that the best things about motorbikes are the engine and the acceleration whilst the worst things are the cold, the wet and the omnipresent risk of being killed at a T-junction by an inattentive Volvo driver.

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