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Remap Near Me UK Directory – Excellent Reviews

Remap near me is a directory of car remap companies in the UK who have excellent scores in customer reviews. Companies are listed by region.

EnglandWalesScotlandNorthern Ireland

NOTE: Customer reviews were assessed at the time of their inclusion into the directory.

England Remap Near Me

North East

BTG Performance, Newcastle – Viezu & Revo Remaps
On site rolling road/dyno

DynoRemaps, Middlesborough – Quantum Remaps
On site rolling road/dyno. DPF and EGR services.

North West

Clever Mapping, Carlisle – Quantum Remaps
Rolling road and general vehicle repairs and servicing

John’s Autocare, Preston – Revo Remaps
Servicing diagnostics and repairs

Elite Tuning, Warrington – Alientech Remap
Key programming and diagnostics


MG Auto Motorsport, Ripley – Revo
Servicing, repairs, wheel alignment, diagnostics, performance parts

Revo Performance Centre, Daventry
Revo HQ. Remaps and performance parts.

Viezu, Bidford on Avon – Alientech
Servicing, maintenance and repairs. Alientech representative in the UK

Matt Lewis Motorsport, Walsall – Revo
Servicing, repairs, performance parts

Delta Performance, Northampton – Quantum Remap
Mobile remaps

East Midlands

Anglia Tuning Centre, Lowestoft – Quantum
Carbon cleaning, DPF and EGR services.

Clive Atthowe, Norwich – Revo
Performance and German car specialist. Full service.


GB Autotech, Luton, Beds – Quantum
Serivicing, tuning, electronics

AVC UK, Redhill, Surrey – Quantum
Servicing, repairs, MOT testing, diagnostics

Car & Motorsports Services, Reading, Berkshire – Quantum
Diagnostics, repairs

VAG Tech, Milton Keynes, Bucks – Revo
Tuning, Servicing, performance parts

St Albans Car Clinic, eh, St Albans – Revo, Quantum
DPF cleaning, repairs, servicing

Russell Automotive Centre, London NW – Revo
Servicing, repairs. VAG specialist

MDM Technik, Marlow – Revo
Give very useful information with regards to what parts to check before going for the remap.

South West

Volkscraft, Exeter – Revo
VAG specialist. Repairs and servicing.

MJ Performance, Plymouth, Cornwall
Repairs, servicing, MOTs

Eastwood Garage, Penryn, Cornwall – Quantum
Servicing, repairs, AC recharging, DPfs, MOTs

AD Auto Electrical, Bridgewater – Quantum
Full spectrum automotive electrical services

Streetwise Automotive, Bristol – Revo
MOTs, servicing, wheel alignment, AC servicing

South East

AMD, West Thurrock, Essex
Servicing, repairs, wheel alignment

RubyTune, Chartham, Canterbury – Quantum
Mobile remaps, exceptional reviews

Zen Sport, Braintree, Essex – Quantum
DPF cleaning.

WG Motorworks, Kemsley, Sittingbourne- Revo
BMW, Vauxhall, rolling road. M32 gearbox repairs.

VAS Motion, Guildford, London – Revo
VAG specialist, repairs, servicing.

JF Automotive, Maidstone, Kent – Alientech


DMS Automotive, Southampton
In-house developed maps

Devil Developments, Littlehampton, West Sussex – Revo
Ford only

JKM Motor Services, Portsmouth, Hampshire – Revo
Servicing, repairs, diagnostics

VAS Works, Poole, Dorset – Revo
VW/Audi Specialist

Wales Remap Near Me


Gotboost, Bridgend – Revo
Servicing, repairs, diagnostics, DPF cleaning, AC servicing.

Intelligent Auto Electrics, Newport – Quantum
Diagnostics, training


Garej Bowydd, Blaenau Ffestiniog – Revo, Quantum
Repairs, servicing, gearboxes.

BD Performance, Wrexham – Revo
Rolling road, engine rebuilds, performance tuning

Scotland Remap Near Me


Edinburgh Remaps, Edinburgh – Quantum

Falkland Performance, St Monans, Anstruther – Revo

North East

Ace Tuning, Lossiemouth – Quantum
MOTs, repairs, servicing, diagnostics

Remap Aberdeen, Aberdeen – Quantum
DPF cleaning, EGR servicing

North West

Loch Shiel Garage, Acharacle, Argyll – Quantum
Repairs, MOTs

North Ireland Remap Near Me

Sidekick Auto Remaps, Londonderry – Quantum

Performance Tuning NI, Belfast – Quantum
Diagnostics, carbon cleaning

JW Service Centre, Colraine – Quantum
VAG specialist. Repairs & servicing.

About These Companies

The companies on this page may also offer tuning of aftermarket standalone ECUs and piggyback ECUs. They are listed on this page because primarily, they offer remapping of the ECU that was supplied in the car from the factory ie they rewrite the programs/maps in the factory ECU.

Remap Tool Manufacturers

These companies make the hardware and the software that allow the remapping companies (listed above) to adjust the maps in the car’s factory ECU.





How Does Remapping Work?

A remap will exploit the headroom that the car manufacturer left in the engine. By running the engine and its components closer to their limits we can make more power.

Why does the car manufacturer leave this headroom?

Could be many reasons. For example reliability, longevity and emissions

If we look at the turbo. A car manufacturer is probably not going to want to push the turbo too far. They will want to keep the turbo operating in an area that is most efficient, again, for the reliability and longevity of the turbo. And to also have a bit of room for the engine to produce the quoted power even when environmental conditions are less than optimum eg bad quality fuel and hot weather.

A remap will usually, if not always, increase the factory boost pressure. Increasing the boost will probably push the turbo into an area where it isn’t as efficient but nevertheless, it will still cause the engine to make more power. How far the boost is increased will depend on the company doing the tuning.

Pushing the limits

Some companies will have a fixed remap others will have a few options and may ask the car owner if they are happy to push things a little more. The downsides of pushing things a little more is more stress on the engine eg bearing loads, more stress on the intercooler and so on. You might want to keep things conservative or you might be the sort of person that is happy to push things because you can live with the consequences eg changing the oil more often.

On some cars, it’s possible the turbo may not be the limiting factor, the turbo may not be the component that reaches its limit first. On some cars maybe the intercooler is undersized, on other cars the injectors or fuel pump might reach their limit before the turbo.

The company doing the remap will be able to advise you of your options ie what you can do to get more power over and above the program they use on unmodified engines (Stage 1 remap).

On StrikeEngine we have a number of calculators that can help you identify possible restrictions on your engine. While not remap calculators as such, these generic calculators can help you work out which parts of your engine need to be upgraded in order to use a more aggressive remap to get more power.

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