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Intercooler Water Spray Kit – Top 5 Kits Compared

This article compares the top 5 most popular intercooler water spray kits. I look at the components used in each kit and give you my opinion on how effective the intercooler spray kits will be.

Contents: Scoring – Kits – Cooling MistBosphorusDevil’s OwnGT4DEISummaryDIY?


The kits will be scored in four areas.

  • Pump
  • Nozzles
  • Accessories
  • Price

The Kits (in no specific order)

Cooling Mist Intercooler Spray Kit

Generally an excellent looking kit, with plenty of high quality parts

Pump – 8 of out 10

Cooling Mist claim it is a 130PSI pump, which is excellent. It also looks to be a diaphragm pump so it should maintain pressure in the line even when the system is not activated.

Nozzles – 8/10

Cooling Mist don’t state the orifice diameter but I think it’s safe to say less than a mm. These nozzles should atomise the water, especially as they are combined to a 130PSI pump

Accessories – 8/10

Hose, fittings and cables included. As well as a tank if you need it, fuses, inline filter, check valve, 6 nozzles and mounts. Very, very good. Even the option of ordering a boost switch for automatic activation.

Price – 10/10

Given the massive range of parts and accessories, the price looks like an absolute bargain.

Total Score 34/40

A really comprehensive kit with good quality components and a great price.

Bosphorus Innovations Intercooler Water Spray Kit Stage 1

Universal Kit

Pump – 6/10

Diaphragm pump but no mention of the pressure it operates at. The higher the pressure the better the atomisation. Marked down versus Cooling Mist because specs not stated. Generally we like diaphragm pumps.

Nozzles – 7/10

Bosphorous also use atomising nozzles like the Cooling Mist kit (which is great) but it looks like they only supply two versus the six supplied by cooling mist. For this they are marked down.

Accessories – 6/10

Supplied with wiring loom, fittings and hose but not as complete as the Cooling Mist Kit. For example it does not appear to include a water filter (important for keeping nozzles clean) or a check valve.

Price 8/10

Similar price to the Cooling Mist kit but with less things included

Total Score 27/40

A decent looking kit, just doesn’t have as many things included as the Cooling Mist kit and it doesn’t give the specs of the pump

Devils Own Intercooler Water Spray Kit

Universal Kit

Pump – 1/10

The kit appears to use a washer jet pump. These pumps cannot maintain the same pressure as diaphragm pumps (in my opinion) so atomisation will be worse.

Nozzles – 5/10

It’s not clear from the photo what type of nozzles these are. I am assuming they have an orifice bigger than 1mm. If so, atomisation will be limited.

Accessories – 5/10

Has everything needed to install but the length of hose and wires for the push button may not be enough.

Price 9/10

Given the price, the parts in the spray kit make more sense. Very low price and you get what you pay for. If you just want a cheap kit lets you put water on your intercooler, this is an option. However I am not convinced of the type of cooling performance this kit would be able to give. For the cooling performance it may be expensive.

Total Score 20/40

A low cost kit gets which gets you on the intercooler sprayer ladder. However I think the Cooling Mist and Bosphorus are better value kits when you take into consideration the quality of the parts and the better cooling performance they probably offer.

GT4 Play

GR Yaris Specific

Pump – 1/10

The kit appears to use a washer jet pump. In my opinion this is not really suitable for the job.

Nozzles – 5/10

The nozzles do not appear to be the atomising type. Atomising nozzles use less water and give better cooling.

Accessories – 9/10

Appear to be a complete kit with high quality parts. Hard to fault.

Price – 4/10

Given the price of the Cooling Mist and Bosphorus kits, the price of this kit is a bit hard to swallow. However if you want an OEM type fitment you may think this kit well priced.

Total Score 19/40

If you are looking for an OEM type kit for your GR Yaris and you are not price sensitive, this could be the best kit out of the lot. However in my opinion the parts used could be better.

For the GR Yaris community, I think there is great potential here. If GT4 Play can pony up and upgrade the pump and the nozzles and keep the price the same or close to what it is now, this kit would be a no-brainer. But as it is, I’d have to look elsewhere.

DEI Cry02 Intercooler Water Sprayer Kit

Universal Kit. Probably the most famous water spray kit on the market

Pump – 1/10

The kit uses a windscreen washer pump not a high pressure pump

Nozzles – 1/10

Windscreen washer nozzles. These do not atomise the water well.

Accessories – 7/10

Includes everything you need. It also includes a variety of mounting brackets so it scores higher than the Devil’s Own Kit

Price – 2/10

Similar parts to the Devil’s Own kit but the price is almost three times as high. Disappointing

Total Points 11

I think the kit is overpriced for what you get. The Devil’s Own would probably be a better choice for this type kit.

Summary – Which Spray Kit To Choose

  • Cooling Mist – 34 Points
  • Bosphorus – 27 Points
  • Devil’s Own – 20 Points
  • GT4 Play – 19 Points
  • DEI – 11 Points

The Cooling Mist is our recommended kit closely followed by the Bosphorus. Both kits are well specced and include the parts we want to see. And the prices are frankly, less than we would expect. I think the choice of kit is going to come down to where you live and/or the shipping costs quoted and/or if there is a local dealer to you.

I don’t think either kit is a bad choice and if you wanted to add more nozzles to either kit, it’s easily done.

Better Than DIY?

I’ve done a DIY intercooler water spray kit article here showing you the parts you need to get a kit up and running.

The parts in that guide are very similar to the parts in the Cooling Mist and Bosphorus kits.

Plus Sides of DIY

Choose the exact things you want eg number of nozzles, number of pumps, length of cable, type of switch etc

Downsides of DIY

The hassle of ordering everything separately and you may end up paying more doing it this way because of the shipping costs for each individual part.

If we ignore the price and assume its going to be pretty much even between the kits and the DIY method, it comes down to how much do you want customise the kit vs the ease of ordering everything in one go. I can see the benefit of doing it both ways.

I have zero problem recommending the Bosphorus Kit or the Cooling Mist kit if you want to order everything together

Might Car Mods – DIY Kit

Mighty Car Mods have done a video demonstrating the effects of a (primitive) intercooler spray kit. Unfortunately they did not measure the temps before the intercooler…. If we had the number pre and post intercooler temps we could have used the intercooler calculators to see the efficiency difference when spraying the intercooler

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