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Renault Sport Clio Raider

Matt grey paint set the scene for the new top-of-the-range Clio Sport.

Basically this is a specialist edition Renault Clio Sport with all the option ticked plus unique paint and 18inch wheels.

This is a limited edition model with just 50 being made. The car comes with leather Recaro seats.

The Clio Raider is just as good to drive as the normal Clio Sport 200. The thing that is different is the price tag.

20K+ GBP is the cost which is almost 5k more than the normal Clio.

Is the Clio Raider worth the cost? Hard to say. If your buying the car simply for performance the price is hard to justify. If you love the Clio for the looks and for what it stands for, the Clio could make sense, it is the top of the tree.

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