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The new Toyota GT86 has officially be unveiled to the motoring press in its production form. So what are the stand out points?

The first thing that struck me is that the car looks good, modern although the rear of the car has short overhangs which makes it look a bit frumpy. Personally I like long overhangs on the rear.

The tyres are thin in all the photos I have seen so far. The tyres are not the usual super wide super grippy tyres you would expect on a sports car, especially modern sports cars.

AutoCar quote Toyota as saying

Toyota discussed at length its (and Subaru’s) decision to build a lightweight sports car that avoided AWD, turbos and high grip tyres.

This philosophy certainly explains the tyres and lack of power.

It is a certainty that the GT86 will sell in massive numbers, at the moment apart from BMW you cannot buy a sports rear wheel drive coupé, the cherry on the top would have been a turbo but maybe Toyota will introduce a turbo model later in the car’s life and even if they do not, the aftermarket tuning industry will supply all the turbo kits anyone could want.

The only issue with the GT86 is the price, originally targeted to cost less than 20k, it now looks like it will cost the wrong side of 28k, that is sure to hit sales but not enough to stop the car from being a success.

The car is powered by a normally aspirated 2.0litre boxer motor from Subaru with Toyota fuel injection technology.

The GT86 is also quite light and should weigh in at less than 1200kg

The car is a 2+2 but the rear seats are only suitable for children

The car is available with a 6 speed manual or 6 speed auto gearbox with steering wheel mounted paddles.

The car is also fitted with a limited slip diff from the factory which is a major plus point

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