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This is a summary of the cars that participated in the Modified Magazine 2011 Tuner Shootout.

The post shows the specs of the cars, the power they made, their 1/4 mile times and their lap

times at Firebird International Raceway

Car 1

’03 Honda Integra Type-R – K-SPORT USA

’03 Honda Integra Type-R – K-SPORT USA


Engine 2.4-liter K24A2 inline-4
Engine Modifications ERL long-block; Brian Crower valvetrain & camshafts; S2000 oil pump; Full Race GT3076r turbo kit; TiAL 60mm wastegate & BOV; RBC intake manifold; RC Engineering 1,000cc injectors; Walbro fuel pump; Thermal 3″ exhaust; Accusump; Mocal oil cooler & oil thermostat; Hondata K-Pro w/ boost by gear option

Drivetrain Custom gear set; KAAZ LSD; Exedy twin-disc clutch; DSS axles

Suspension KSport GT Pro coilovers; rear camber kit; rear lower control arms; camber/caster plates

Wheels, Tires & Brakes 17×7.5″ 5zigen GN+ wheels; Continental Gran-Am spec race tires; KSport 13” BBKs (f/r); brake bias controller

Interior Rollcage by UMS Tuning; Seibon carbon-Kevlar seats; Corbeau 5-point harness; Auto Meter Sport Comp boost, oil pressure & coolant temp gauges

Exterior AIT Racing front bumper, fenders, rear bumper, side skirts, carbon-fiber doors, carbon-fiber hatch & carbon-fiber hood; ARP rear wing

Sponsors Exedy; UMS Tuning; AIT Racing; Axis Wheels; 5zigen Wheels; KAAZ

1/4 Time: 70.095Seconds
Time Attack: 13.56ET, 115MPH
Dyno Power: 423.5BHP, 342.TQ at the wheels


Car 2

’98 Acura Integra Type-R – SPORTCAR MOTION

’98 Acura Integra Type-R – SPORTCAR MOTION

Engine 2-liter K20A2 iVTEC inline-4
Engine Modifications JE 86.5mm pistons; Arrow rods; ACL race bearing; balanced & blueprinted block; ARP head studs; K20A2 Portflow p&p’d cylinder head; Skunk2 valves, valvesprings, valve retainers, intake manifold & 74mm throttle body; Type-S cams; DTR header; SCM custom exhaust; BDL fuel rail; Injector Dynamics 1,000cc injectors; Kraftwerks K-series supercharger kit; Koyo rad; Samco hoses; Hondata K-pro ECU

Drivetrain ’04 K20A2 transmission; Quaife LSD; Competition Clutch Stage 5 clutch

Wheels, Tires & Brakes Enkei 17×8.5″ +40 PF01 wheels; Continental 245/40R17 Grand Am spec race tires; Spoon calipers (f) & Hawk brake pads

Suspension TEIN SRC coilovers & solid bushings

Interior RLC dash; Buddy Club racing seats; Autopower roll bar; Takata 4-point harness; Momo steering; NRG quick release

Exterior SCM front splitter, canards & rear diffuser; PCi side skirts; Voltex wing

1/4 Time: 67.213Seconds
Time Attack: 12.87ET, 117MPH
Dyno Power: 386.9BHP, 234.4TQ at the wheels

Car 3

’05 Honda S2000 – AFI TURBO

’05 Honda S2000 – AFI TURBO

Engine 2.0-liter F20C inline-4
Engine Modifications Laskey-built 2.0-liter F20C; BC valvetrain & rods; CP pistons; Golden Eagle Sleeves; AFI Turbo top-mount GT3582R turbo kit & intake manifold; TurboSmart 40mm wastegate & BOV; 72mm BDL TB; PWR radiator; AEM EMS tuned by UMS for E85

Drivetrain Tex Racing Edition Jericho 4-speed dog box transmission; custom AFI bell housing adapter; Competition Clutch twin-disc clutch kit; SoS AP2 rear end

Suspension JRZ Pro Spec dampers & custom spring rates

Wheels, Tires & Brakes Rota 17×9″ Fighter10 wheels; 275/35R18 Continental Grand-Am spec tires; Wilwood BBKs

Interior Sparco seat; steering wheel & harness; AEM gauges

Exterior Chargespeed widebody kit; Kognition Racing wing

Sponsors UMS Tuning; Competition Clutch; Laskey Engines; Turbosmart; Precision Turbo; JRZ Suspension; Brian Crower; CP Pistons

1/4 Time: 65.546Seconds
Time Attack: 13.89ET, 111MPH
Dyno Power: 614.5BHP, 437.9 at the wheels

Car 4

’92 Acura NSX – SOS

’92 Acura NSX – SOS

Engine 3.5-liter C32B V-6
Engine Modifications SoS Stage 3 3.5-liter C32B, stroker crankshaft, rods, pistons & ITB system; Toda Spec C camshafts
Drivetrain SoS spec 6-speed, OS Giken LSD and 4.4 FD

Suspension JRZ RS Pro dampers & Hypercoil springs

Wheels, Tires & Brakes 17×8.5” (f) & 18×10.5” (r) Volk RE30 wheels; Continental Grand Am–spec 245/40R17 (f) & 275/35R18 (r) tires; Brembo “Indy” brake system

Interior SoS harness bar; Downforce NSX-R seats; Race Technology dash

Exterior SoS carbon-fiber widebody; GruppeM GT spoiler

1/4 Time: 65.130Seconds
Time Attack: 12.26ET, 115MPH
Dyno Power: 614.5BHP, 437.9 at the wheels

Car 5

’95 Honda Civic Cx – HASPORT

’95 Honda Civic Cx – HASPORT

Engine 2.4-liter K24A2 inline-4
Engine Modifications Stock K24A2 long-block; JRSC; Js Racing baffled oil pan; modified K20A2 oil pump; Hybrid Racing timing belt tensioner; Hasport engine mounts & wiring harness; custom breather box; long-tube header w/ dump pipe; eBay’ish intake; 50-shot NOS; Accusump; Fluidyne oil cooler & radiator; Hondata KPro tuned by UMS

Drivetrain Kaaz LSD; Hasport axles; K20A2 transmission w/ custom gear ratios; 4.7 FD

Suspension KSport RR dampers w/ 18kg/mm (f) & 16kg/mm (r) springs; GSR sway bar (f) & Comptech 22mm sway bar (r) & spherical bearings throughout
Wheels, Tires & Brakes 17×10″ XXR (f) & 17×7″ Team Dynamics (r) wheels; 245/40R17 Continental Grand-Am spec tires;Fastbrakes BBK (f/r); Hawk DTC- 60 pads

Interior 8-point rollcage by Fathead Fabrication & Precision Chassis Works; ESS 5-liter fire-suppression system; Hybrid Racing shifter box; Sparco Corsa seat & steering wheel; Scroth 6-point harness; Wilwood in-car brake prop valve; Auto Meter gauges

Exterior Fwing custom lexan air dam & splitter; 1320 front widebody kit; Seibon hood; APR rear wing; custom aluminum diffuser

Sponsors NASA Arizona (; TriTech Motorsports; Hasport; KSport; Fastbrakes; Kaaz

1/4 Time: 66.905Seconds
Time Attack: 11.58ET, 119MPH
Dyno Power: 348.2BHP, 388.0 at the wheels

Car 6

’03 Subaru Impreza Wrx – SNAIL PERFORMANCE

’03 Subaru Impreza Wrx – SNAIL PERFORMANCE

Engine 2.5-liter EJ257 flat-4
Engine Modifications 2.5-liter STI block; Top Secret billet crankshaft; Gruppe-S Engineering H-beam rods; Cosworth 278/274 camshafts & timing belt guide; Brian Crower SS valves, valvesprings & Ti retainers; ARP head studs; Garrett GT3582r turbocharger; TiAL 38mm wastegate; Turbosmart Megasonic BOV & FPR; Walbro 255 fuel pump; AFI Turbo fuel rails; DeatschWerks 850cc injectors; Ron Davis radiator; Turbo XS FMIC; LIC Motorsports adjustable timing idlers; Espelir JGT500 exhaust; Hydra EMS 2.6

Drivetrain JDM STI RA 6-speed transmission; ACT 6-puck clutch & HD pressure plate

Suspension PIC Performance coilovers; Whiteline 27mm sway bars, steering rach bushings, roll center kit, anti-lift race kit, lateral links & endlinks; Snail Performance strut bar (f), rear v-brace & subframe; ’04 STI steering rack

Wheels, Tires & Brakes 18×10″ +30 Rota Grids; 275/35R18 Continental Gram-Am spec tires; StopTech ST-40 4-piston calipers & 332mm rotors (f); ’04 STI Brembo calipers & DBA 4000 rotors (r); Hawk DTC-70 (f) & DTC-60 (r) pads; TechnaFit SS brake lines

Interior Autopower 4-point roll bar; Sparco EVO 2 seat, 6-point belt & 323 steering wheel; AiM Sports Pista MXL digital dash

Exterior Prodrive front lip; APR front splitter; KS-Tech hood scoop delete; ’07 STI rear diffuser & vortex generator; Aeromotions R2 wing w/ LIC Motorsports custom mounts; graphics by Taylor and AZ Auto Graphics

Sponsors Forced Air Technologies; LIC Motorsports; Gruppe-S Engineering;; AFI Turbo, AZ Auto Graphics

1/4 Time: 65.083Seconds
Time Attack: 11.12ET, 127MPH
Dyno Power: 492.0BHP, 452.9 at the wheels

Car 7

’05 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8.5 – UMS TUNING

’05 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8.5 – UMS TUNING

Engine 2.0-liter 4G63T inline-4
Engine Modifications UMS-assembled 4G64 2.1-liter super-long rod block; GRP 162mm aluminum rods; Wiseco 10:1 87mm pistons; ARP head & main bolts; UMS balance shaft eliminator kit; modified OEM intake manifold & TB; twin 255-lph fuel pump setup; custom Spearco core intercooler; AFI motor mounts & billet fuel rail; Mivec ported head; Ferrea +1mm valves; Forced Performance beehive valvespings; Tomei 290 camshafts; Full-Race twin-scroll T4 header; TurboSmart 45mm wastegates; JT Fab 4″ SS exhaust & custom dump tubes; Injector Dynamic 2,000cc injectors; AEM EMS Series 2, tuned by UMS Tuning

Drivetrain Carbonetics twin-disc carbon/carbon clutch; Quaife LSD (f)

Suspension KSport GT Pro coilovers; Hotchkis sway bar (r); Whiteline front roll center correction ball joints & steering rack & sway bar bushings; Perrin anti-lift kit; Energy Suspension urethane bushing master kit

Wheels, Tires & Brakes 18×10″ NT03+M wheels; Continental 275/35R18 Grand-Am spec race tires; Baer 6-piston BBK (f); Carbotech XP12 pads

Interior Fat Head rollcage; Buddy Club P1 seats; RCi 6-point safety harness; Sparco steering wheel

Exterior AIT Racing widebody; Voltex rear diffuser; Buddy Club wing w/ UMS custom uprights; custom Flat Silver paint by DDS; UMS sunroof delete

Sponsors AFI Turbo; Fast Forward; Full-Race; Fat Head Fabrication; Buddy Club; GReddy; AEM; DDS; Carbonetics; TurboSmart; JT Fabrication; Injector Dynamics; Spearco; Mishimoto; Whiteline; Rota; Enkei; AIT Racing; Ts custom

1/4 Time: 64.431Seconds
Time Attack: 10.97ET, 137MPH
Dyno Power: 669.1BHP, 551.9 at the wheels


Car 8

’09 Subaru Impreza Wrx/Sti – ZENKAI MOTORSPORTS

’09 Subaru Impreza Wrx/Sti – ZENKAI MOTORSPORTS

Engine 2.5-liter EJ25 flat-4
Engine Modifications Crawford Performance S3L-I long-block; rotated GT35R turbo kit, swirl pot & air oil separator; FMIC & radiator reservoir & high-pressure tank & Gymkhana2 single megaphone tip exhaust; TiAL 44mm wastegate; Koyo radiator; K&N air filter; Motul 300V 10W40 oil; NGK spark plugs; Bosch fuel pump & fuel injectors; EcuTeK Reflashed ECU; E85 tuned by Crawford Performance

Drivetrain Carbonetic Carbon LSD (f/r) & Triple Plate carbon clutch

Suspension TEIN Ultimate Spec Circuit Master/Super Racing coilovers

Wheels, Tires & Brakes 18×10″ 5Zigen FN01R-C Hot Version wheels; Continental 275/35R18 Grand-Am spec racing tires; Brembo GT BBK (f) & RacingBrake BBK (r)

Interior Racetech 4009HR (driver) & 4009 Series (passenger) seats & 6-point harnesses; GoPro HD Motorsports Hero onboard camera; Paint by Pacific Custom Paint

Exterior C-West Impreza GRB bumpers (f/r) & side skirts; Uehara MotoWerks custom diffusers (f/r); Crawford Performance custom carbon-fiber rear spoiler; Graphics by Grafik Impact Las Vegas

Sponsors Crawford Performance; Subaru of America/SPT; C-West; Carbonetic; 5Zigen; TEIN; Motul; K&N; RacingBrake; RaceTech; GTSpec; GoPro; Grafik Impact; DCB Activewear; Garage Uehara; Pacific Custom Paint; Driving Sports TV

1/4 Time: 63.090Seconds
Time Attack: 10.87ET, 124MPH
Dyno Power: 539.5BHP, 488.4 at the wheels

Car 9

’06 Subaru Wrx/Sti – JC MEYNET

’06 Subaru Wrx/Sti – JC MEYNET

Engine 2.5-liter EJ25 flat-4
Drivetrain DSS Stage 5 axles & 1-piece aluminum driveshaft; ACT XTG6 extreme duty clutch; Prolight flywheel

Suspension JRZ 3-way shocks; 750 (f), 800 (r) springs; Kaminari spherical rear lateral links & front roll/bump correctors; Hellafunctional free caster mod; AQ Motorsports sway bar (r) & rear subframe w/ roll correction; Whiteline sway bar (f) & front control arm bushings; Turn In Concepts rear trailing arm bushings; Cusco adjustable trailing arms

Wheels, Tires & Brakes 18×10.5″ Enkei NT03+1 wheels; 15mm spacers; Continental 275/35R18 Grand-Am spec tires; StopTech Trophy BBKs (f/r); e-brake delete; Carbon Lorraine brake pads; Motul brake fluid; AQ Motorsports brake ducts

Interior AiM Sport digital dash; Sparco Pro-ADV seat; 6-point harness & fire-suppression system; Personal steering wheel;Bullet Fabrications rollcage

Exterior Kognition rear wing w/ adjustable chassis mounts; Kaminari carbon hood & trunk; Zero-Sport bumpers; JCM full alumilite flat-bottom & splitter, sills & diffusers; Hellafunctional aero details, intake & brake NACA ducts; Password:JDM canards; modified Pep-Boys ’79 Pinto fender flares; paint by Earl’s

Sponsors AQ Motorsports; Toyo Tires; Church Tuning; DeatschWerks; JRZ North America; Turbo by Garrett; Brian Crower; StopTech; The Driveshaft Shop; ACT; Outfront Motorsports; AEM; Motul; Essex; Moroso; Enkei Wheels; B-bar Ranch Beef; Kaminari; Kognition Design; Fluidamper; Hose Techniques; Speed Ventures HPDE; Password:JDM; JHPUSA; AFI Turbo; Hellafunctional; Novak HVAC

Engine Modifications Brian Crower 2.6-liter stroker kit & valvetrain; JE 8.5:1 pistons; Portflow heads; Cosworth H11 head studs & 12mm oil pump; AQ Motorsports GTX35 rotated turbo kit, exhaust, cold-air intake, surge tank & external oil cooler; DeatschWerks 1,600cc injectors; Fuelsafe 10-gallon fuel cell; Aeromotive fuel rails & FPR; Moroso oil pan & oil accumulator; Griffin FMIC & radiator; Fluidamper harmonic balancer; AEM engine management & sensors (tuned by Church Automotive)

1/4 Time: 61.983Seconds
Time Attack: 10.94ET, 130MPH
Dyno Power: 692.4BHP, 727.3 at the wheels


Modified Magazine Tuner Shoot Out 2011

CarTime Attack1/4 Mile Time & SpeedDyno Figures @ Wheels
95 Honda CivicHASPORT 66.905Secs 11.58ET, 119MPH 348.2BHP, 388.0LBS/FT TQ
98 Acura Integra Type-RSportcar Motion 67.213Secs 12.87ET, 117MPH 386.9BHP, 234.4LBS/FT TQ
03 Honda Integra Type-RK-Sport USA 70.095Secs 13.56ET, 115MPH 423.5BHP, 342LBS/FT TQ
03 Subaru Impreza WRXSnail Performance 65.083Secs 11.12ET, 127MPH 492.0BHP, 452.9 LBS/FT TQ
09 Subaru Impreza WRX/STIZenkai Motorsports 63.090Secs 10.87ET, 124MPH 539.5BHP, 488.4 LBS/FT TQ
92 Acura NSXSOS 65.130Secs 12.26ET, 115MPH 614.5BHP, 437.9 LBS/FT TQ
05 Honda S2000AFI Turbo 65.546Secs 13.89ET, 111MPH 614.5BHP, 437.9LBS/FT TQ
05 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8.5UMS Tuning 64.431Secs 10.97ET, 137MPH 669.1BHP, 551.9LBS/FT TQ
06 Subaru WRX/STIJC Meynet 61.983Secs 10.94ET, 130MPH 692.4BHP, 727.3LBS/FT TQ

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