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VW Golf GTE – Hybrid System Problem FIXED!

Diagnose Dan (as usual) has done an excellent step-by-step guide fixing a VW Golf GTE hybrid system problem. The fault codes found in module 51 (electric drive motor control unit) were a P0A4000 and a P0C5000. These codes left the car effectively bricked. The engine could not be started and the car was left immobile.

Golf Hybrid System Fault & Fix

The Golf hybrid system problem was caused by a faulty resolver. The resolver is a ring that monitors the position of the drive motor. Dan does an excellent job of explaining exactly how the resolver works (and so does this webpage), the signals it should send, and the signals this faulty resolver was sending (or not sending). He makes it easy enough that even an experienced amateur could diagnose the problem. Fixing/replacing the problem part will be much more difficult!

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