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West Ham vs Aston Villa Prediction 30.11.20

West Ham Aston Villa is a very tough game to predict from a number of reasons, first of all

West Ham can be brilliant, they can also be average for example drawing 3-3 with Spurs and then only beating Sheffield Utd by one.

Defensively West Ham have been good this season, letting in two against Liverpool is no disgrace.

Villa had an impressive start to the season but the last games have been up and down, losing to Brighton is possible for any team this year and the 3-0 over Arsenal shows more that Arsenal have problems than Villa are amazing. Losing to Southampton and Leeds I think gives us a better idea of where Aston Villa are.

West Ham can score goals and they can defend against top sides. Aston Villa have shown that they can let goals in.

I think Aston Villa will struggle to score, West Ham will score. I think 1-0 or 2-0 West Ham will be the most likely result. 2-1 West Ham also seems likely

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