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Difference between torque and power – Easy Explanation

Engineering Explained did a video explaining what is the difference between torque and power. You can find it here.

Watch the first 30 seconds for the definition of torque & then read below for an explanation of power.

He starts off okay when he states

“Torque is force applied at a distance

But from then on, I think he goes into the weeds when explaining horsepower.

Short explanation of power

Power is the speed at which the torque can be applied.


How much torque can we maintain on a spanner if the spanner is turning at 2000rpm?

On a stationary nut we can maintain say 50lbs/ft. But what torque can we maintain if the nut was turning at 2000 rpm? How much work can we do on the nut?

When we know this torque number we can calculate/extrapolate the power being applied to the spanner, at 2000rpm.

Its just than simple.

Torque is the force. Power is the rate at which we can apply that force.


StrikeEngine has a number of calculators related to power and torque

Calculate power from torque

Measure engine power without a dyno

Find performance car parts for your car on ebay

This is in Beta. At the moment only performance brake pads and coilovers are listed

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