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Why is home form so bad in Premier League 20/21 Season?

Just watched the Leicester game and I had an epiphany why home form is so bad this year in the Premier League and it stems from Man U and Alex Ferguson.

Leicester’s home form has been bad this season, Aston Villa have a bad home record and play amazing away.

Howe does Fergie and Man U come into it? Southampton off course and their changing of jersey’s at half time.

This year we have advertising hoardings over the seats and these are in the same colour as he jerseys…

This has go to be reducing the effectiveness of the peripheral vision of the players, like the grey jerseys did at Southampton for Man U.

Earlier I predicted a West Ham win tonight but now I am not so sure. West Ham have also scored less points at home this season. If we assume playing away is worth a goal to a goal and a half, going from my earlier prediction, this will mean a draw or an Aston Villa win.

The West Ham Villa game is about to kick off, lets see if the reason the away form is so bad is because of the on seat hoardings, a Villa win won’t make it a definite answer but it will be more evidence that the on seat advertising around the pitch on the lower rows of chairs is, if not an explanation, a contributing factor to the bad home form in the Premier League this year.

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