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WTCC is a Mickey Mouse Racing Championship

As with all FIA international racing series at the moment the WTCC is a complete and utter joke.  Here is a video which give an example of what is wrong with the WTCC



The BMW has clearly gained an advantage by going outside of the boundaries of the track yet nothing is done. No penalties, nothing. And if that is not enough, the BMW has not only gained an advantage by leaving the boundaries of the track he has also taken out another driver when he returned to the track. Yet still no punishment for 2 obvious infrigements.

Tarquini was rightly peeved off in an interview after the incident.

The icing on the cake though for the weekend was that as soon as it started spotting with rain they stopped the race! Unbelievable. It takes something to get me riled up but this did it easily.

A number of things about the WTCC.
The cars are very, very slow
The cars are very, very safe

In motorsport terms, there is no danger for these guys to be out there in the wet on slick tyres, and if they cannot cope then they can come into the pits for a change of tyres.

At the end of the day the WTCC is supposed to be the FIAs flagship touring car championship. Honestly, it gives touring cars a bad name.

To give an example of what touring cars are all about V8 Super Cars is it.

Twices as powerful as WTCC cars and on a street circuit

This is what motorsport is supposed to be like. Galdiators going at it. WTCC is so far removed from this it is embarrassing to anyone that drives a car.

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