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Tuning Shops – California

Links to Performance Part Shops and Tuners in California(CA) USA specialising in Japanese Cars.
Tuners carry out servicing, performance upgrades, repairs, performance part fitting, engine rebuilds with tuning shops supplying performance parts from manufacturer including Top Secret, MazdaSpeed, Nismo, Greddy, HKS for the Acura Integra, Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Eclipse, EVO, Mazda RX7, RX8, Protege, Honda Civic, Nissan Maxima, 350Z and Altima.

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Brake Manufacturers
Suspension Kit Manufacturers
Turbos and Superchargers

M Manufacturer of performance Parts.
S Shop/Dealer of Performance Parts.
T Tuner carrying out servicing, upgrades, part fitting and repairs.
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Honda Tuners

b16turboHonda tuners specialising in Honda B Series, D Series, K Series and H Series engines, Services includes rebuilds, engine builds, engine conversions, turbo engine building, performance engine parts and fabrication on most Honda vehicles including the Civic, Integra, Type R and CRX.


Honda Tuners – Honda Tuning Specialists

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M Manufacturer of performance Parts.
S Shop/Dealer of Performance Parts.
T Tuner carrying out servicing, upgrades, part fitting and
F Offers fitting service

Honda Tuners/Honda Tuning Specialists UK/Japan

ABP Motorsport
Backyard  M (Japan)
Barwell Motorsport (Surrey, UK)
Buddy Club UK
Mardi Gras Motorsport Towcester, Northants
Neil Brown Engineering
Performance Autoworks Glos
Spoon Sports M (Tokyo Express)
Tokyo Express
 ST (Northants)
CPL Racing TFS (Sheerness, Kent)
TJH Motorsport
Trac Art STF (Ashford, Kent)
Tracy Sports MTS (Japan)

Honda Tuners Italy- Race Preperation

JAS Motorsport

Honda Tuners USA

Blox Fremont, CA
Exospeed MTS (Glendale, California)
ERL M (New Albany, Indiana)
Hondoctors –  Las Vegas, NV/Nevada
Inline Pro Springfield, VA
King Motorsports New Berlin WI
Laskey Racing Anaheim, CA
LHT Performance
N1 Concepts (San Fran, California)
Omni Power (Rocklin, California)
Port Flow Design Harbor City, California
Spark Racing

Honda Tuners – Canada

Ultimate Racing Canada

Honda Tuners – Malaysia

JC Racing

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Honda Performance Exhaust

Honda Performance Exhaust Links – Manufacturers and UK Dealers of Performance Exhaust Systems, Back boxes, Manifolds, Headers, Cat Back systems and cat by pass pipes constructed from mild steel and stainless steel.

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Honda K20 Engine Tuning Information
S2000 Performance Part Power Test
Performance Car Part Dealers – European/American Cars
Performance Car Part Dealers – Japanese Cars
Air Filter/Induction Kit Manufacturers


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Brake Pads

StrikeEngine – Links to performance brake pad manufacturers. Performance brake pads for the street and the track.


Performance Brake Pad Manufacturers

AP Racing
Carbone Lorraine
Performance Friction
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Civic Parts

Honda Civic Body Kits and Tuning Parts. Links to manufacturers of high performance parts, body kits, turbo kits, superchargers, cold air intakes, performance air filters, brake pads, discs and big brake kits, and Civic engine tuning information

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K20 Engine Tuning Information
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Honda Civic Type-R Buying Guide

Civic Type R Buying Guide – Civic Type-R Buying Advice

Honda Civic Type R buying guide. A Civic Type-R buying guide cover the major areas which need to be looked at when buying an EP3 Civic Type-R

Civic Type-R Buying Guide (EP3) – Background

Arguably the first true hot hatch since the Peugeot 205GTI the Civic Type-R came with amazing handling and a super high tec engine which made and still does, make most European hot hatch engines look stupid. The Civic Type-R came with a K20 series motor which makes 197bhp from 1998cc allowing the Civic to go 0-100km/h in 6.8seconds and 0-160km/h in 16.9seconds.

The EP3 came with a seam welded shell, something usually reserved for motorsport to increase chassis stiffness.

Civic Type-R Buying Guide (EP3) – Body

Rust isn’t an issue on the Type-R. If there is rust on the car your looking at, it suggests badly repaired accident damage. Civic Type-Rs can crash either end so check the front and the rear of the car for any signs of damage.

Side skirts are very expensive so check for damage on these parts, bumpers are much cheaper.

Enkei wheels comes as standard. These wheels were not lacquered on the inside which means corrosion can creep under the lacquer on the face making them look tatty.

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Honda Civics’ 1/4 Mile Times

Civic Type R Tuning vs Acceleration Times

Honda Civic Type R tuning methods and performance parts versus acceleration times. 0-60, 0-100 and 1/4 mile times. Below is a brief break down of the tuning methods used on the EP3 Civic Type R versus the acceleration times recorded at Bruntingthorpe in the UK. Continue reading

Turbo Kit Group Test

The information on this page is based on an article in Turbo Magazine Issue 186. The article gives the basic information about each kit, the car it is for as well as the power output with the turbo/supercharger kit fitted. The article does not state how the tests were carried out or where the tests were carried out so please bear this mind when reading the article.

S2000 Turbo Kit Greddy

S2000 Turbo Kit from Greddy

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