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BMW 1M Review

The bodywork of the BMW 1M Coupe is pumped up over the normal 1 series body.

The 1M feels properly small, like a true hot hatch

The interior of the 1M feels sporty with a chunky rimmed steering wheel, stubby gear lever and supportive seats

The engine make a nice sound on start-up and at idle which is unexpected given the car is turbocharged

The clutch is nice and light and the gear stick has a nice mechanical feel but the throttle action feels artificial, it is drive by wire


The dampers on the 1M are not adjustable but the traction/stability control are as is the character of the throttle pedal

Generally the ride of the 1M is busy and the car does roll a little in corners

BMW 1M Reveiw - Photo Rear
BMW 1M Reveiw - Photo Rear

The engine has fantastic low and mid range power but it does not have the top end zing of the E46 M3 or the E90 M3

The short wheel base and big power mean the 1M can feel twitchy with the traction control off but when you get used to it the car is actually quite adjustable and controllable in oversteer.

The brakes are over-assisted can be hard to apply smoothly on the road

On track, the limited slip diff feels more at home, basically the car feels more suited to oversteer on track than the road

The car has a very neutral balance with neither understeer or oversteer dominating the experience

On track the adjustability of the brakes is not an issue and they 1M’s brakes stand up surprisingly well on track giving good stamina and stopping power

BMW  1M Review  Front (12/2010)
BMW 1M Review Front

The 1M can be as quick as an E92 M3 on track

The mid range torque of the 1M makes overtaking easier than in the normally aspirated M3

The car, like all good BMW’s, is an involving drive

All in all the 1M has plenty of character and feels like a big power, small compact hot hatch with rear wheel drive. The M1 is a jewel of car especially if you like power and rear wheel drive in a nice compact package.

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