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The DMS automotive upgrade for the 997 turbo includes an engine program and high flow sports cats.

This combination together increase power by 111 lbs/ft and 111 bhp

This take the 997 Turbo up to Turbo S levels of power, the only difference between the Turbo and Turbo S models is the engine program so reliability should be unaffected

If you want to opt for the ECU upgrade only the cost is 2040GBP and this takes power to 578bhp

For an extra 1800GBP DMS will supply a pair of high flow sports cats with 200CPSI to replace the original 600CPSI cats

From the outside the 200CPSI sports cats look identical to the 600CPSI sports cats so there is no way for anyone to know the difference by looking at them

The DMS program increases the already plentiful low-end torque and give the 997 Turbo almost uncomfortable levels of acceleration

The DMS program does make the car a bit noisier but it also makes the car a bit more exciting

The total price of the conversion including the program and cats is 3840GBP

Final figures for the conversion are

Power: 604bhp @ 6500rpm

Torque: 590lbs/ft

0-60: 2.8secs

Top Speed: 198 mph

CO2 Emissions: 268kg/m

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