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BMW M6 Buying Guide

The M6 can be a potential minefield but if you buy wisely you could have a bargin supercar. This M6 buying guide is based on an article from EVO magazine.

BMW M6 Buying Guide – Engine

VANOS oil pump can fail. 2000GBP to fix. VANOS solenoids can also leak internally and cause warning lights at high rpm. General rule – check for check engine lights

Apart from these issues the engine can cover a 100,000 miles easy f properly serviced

BMW M6 Buying Guide – Gearbox

Launch control show be used 3 times during the life of the car maximum. BMW but only BM

Clutch should be okay for 50K miles.

Check for receipts to see when it was last changed. It should preferable be changed with flywheel.

Clutch Kit Price: 540GBP
Flywheel Price: 480GBP

SMG gearbox generally reliable, software updates have smoothed out shifts and general roughness

BMW M6 Buying Guide – Suspension

Dampers can leak if the car has don a lot of miles but they are generally rugged. Bushes and ball joints should be okay, the M6 is much kinder on these parts than older BMWs

BMW M6 Buying Guide

Front brake discs should last around 20-30k miles. They can get noisy if they are tired.

Front Brake Pads Price: 228GBP
Front Brake Discs Price: 480GBP

BMW M6 Buying Guide – Bodywork

The carbon roof is a problem, it can leak over the C pillars, check for wet rear seats, carpet and roof lining.

The carbon roof is hard to repair so it is normally easier to get a new roof. 1800GBP for the job including 1200GBP for the carbon roof itself

BMW M6 Buying Guide – Interior

Illuminated kick plates can fail and cost hundreds to fix. More likely to fail on convertibles.

BMW M6 Buying Guide – Fuel Economy

16-24mpg town to motorway.

BMW M6 Specs

5litre V10
Power: 500bhp @ 7750rpm
Torque: 384lbs/fr @ 6100rpm
Tyres: 255/40-19, Rear 285/35-19
Weight: 1635kg
Power-to-weight: 311bhp/ton
0-62mph: 4.6seconds
Speed: 155mph
Price New: 79,760GBP

BMW M6 Buying Guide – Prices Parts and Service

Front brake Pads: 228GBP
Front Brake Discs: 480GBP
Clutch Kit: 540GBP
Flywheel: 480
Oil Filter: 18GBP
Air Filter: 18GBP
Service Oil: 150GBP
Service Spark Plugs: 360GBP
Service Brake Fluid: 48GBP
Carbon Roof: 1200GBP
Vanos Pump: 2000GBP inc fitting

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