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Primera P11 GT Long Termer Review – October 2011

I have been running the car with 15inch Rota Slipstreams for the past 2 years. The wheels were fitted with Toyo R888 205/50-15 which have a smaller rolling radius than the standard 195/60-15 by some 3.75%.

This reduction made the car noticeably faster and more responsive. In 5th gear the car had noticeable acceleration.

The grip from the R888s was fantastic and they were good in the wet but not so good in standing water.

The reason I bring it up is I have decided to go back to the standard wheels for the winter. The difference in stability is notiecable.

The side walls on the R888s were much stiffer than normal road tyres. Ride is much more floaty with the OE tyres so when the weather picks up again we will be going back to a track biased tyre. They are well worth any downsides.

A few months ago I cleaned the MAF sensor and all was well after. Unfortunately the rough running has come back in the last week. I will have to check the voltages from the MAF sensor to see if that is the problem or not but it feels like it could be. Either that of the fuel pressure regulator.

If it turns out to be the MAF I will be looking for a cheap larger bore alternative. The Hitachi MAF fitted to the GT from the factory is extremely expensive to replace which is the reason I will be going for something different.

Other things this month, after 200,000 miles we have the first squeaks coming form the dashboard, so I suppose I cannot complain too much!

The polyurethane engine mounts I have had fitted to the car for the last year still perform well. But I still think they are probably too stiff for a daily  driver, like I said at the time one bush would have been enough.

I advanced the base timing on the car a few months ago and retarded the ignitoin via the AEM FIC to compensate but retarding the igntion with FIC seemed to knock the starting igntion timing.

By retarding the ignition on the AEM FIC by 10 degrees to counter the difference of advancing of the distributor by 10 degrees I thought the starting ignition timing would be the same as before but that does not seem to be the case.

It is possible that the starting ignition timing is fixed in some way and is not adjustable or that advacing the timing by clocking the distributor does not have any effect.

To be honest I am a bit confused about the situation. When the ECU is put into static timing mode you can see that change the distributor did but the starting igntion timing does not seem to have been changed.

If you know whether the SR20DE FWD has a seperate map for starting please let me know, if it does it would explain why the staring ignition timing does not seem to have been changed even though the base timing has been.

Next month hopefully some progress will be made on the MAF issue and hopefully I will have got to the bottom of the starting ignition timing.

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