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Winter Tyre Tyre Test – EVO Magazine

EVO Magazine issue 163 did a comprehensive tyre test comparing winter, summer and all season tyres in different conditions to see if it really was worth changing your tyres to match the weather. The test results were surprising especially on snow (all data taken from EVO Magazine issue 163)

Tyres Tested

Continental Contiwintertechcontact TS 830P 177GBP – Winter Tyre

Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D SUCC 165GBP – Winter Tyre

Goodyear Ultragrip Performance 2 189GBP – Winter Tyre

Michelin Alpin A4 222GBP – Winter Tyre

Nangkang Snow SV-2 94GBP – Winter Tyre

Pirelli Sottozero W240 Serie 2 165GBP – Winter Tyre

Hankook Optimo 4S 133GBP – All Season Tyre

Kumho Solus Vier 115GBP – All Season Tyre

Vredestein Quatrac 3 144GBP – All Season Tyre

Continental Contisportcontact 3 127GBP – Summer Tyre


Snow Traction

Goodyear Winter Tyre291.3100
Pirelli Winter Tyre28196.4
Conti Winter Tyre277.895.4
Michelin Winter Tyre27694.7
Hankook All Weather Tyre274.994.4
Dunlop Winter Tyre262.490.1
Vredestein All Weather Tyre250.185.9
Nangkang Winter Tyre239.268.9
Kumho All Weather Tyre200.768.9
Conti Summer Tyre6923.7


Braking Distance Snow

Conti Winter Tyre19.7100
Goodyear Winter Tyre19.999.1
Dunlop Winter Tyre2098.5
Michelin Winter Tyre21.690.5
Vredestein All Weather Tyre21.889.6
Pirelli Winter Tyre22.486.4
Hankook All Weather Tyre22.585.6
Nangkang Winter Tyre23.879.4
Kumho All Weather Tyre2763.2
Conti Summer Tyre72.7-152.4















Wet Lap Times

Michelin Winter Tyre87.2100
Pirelli Winter Tyre87.399.9
Conti Winter Tyre88.398.8
Hankook All Weather Tyre88.698.4
Goodyear Winter Tyre88.798.4
Dunlop Winter Tyre89.197.9
Vredestein All Weather Tyre90.496.5
Conti Summer Tyre91.695.3
Nangkang Winter Tyre92.694.2
Kumho All Weather Tyre92.993.9

Wet Circuit Feel

Pirelli Winter Tyre63.5100
Michelin Winter Tyre5789.8
Conti Summer Tyre5485
Dunlop Winter Tyre53.584.3
Vredestein All Weather Tyre5383.5
Conti Winter Tyre5383.5
Goodyear Winter Tyre50.579.5
Hankook All Weather Tyre48.576.4
Kumho All Weather Tyre3961.4
Nangkang Winter Tyre29.546.5


Aquaplaning Speed Straight

Conti Summer Tyre79.6100
Conti Winter Tyre71.489.7
Michelin Winter Tyre71.389.6
Dunlop Winter Tyre70.788.8
Pirelli Winter Tyre70.588.6
Hankook All Weather Tyre7087.9
Kumho All Weather Tyre69.887.7
Goodyear Winter Tyre69.387.1
Nangkang Winter Tyre67.785.1
Vredestein All Weather Tyre65.782.5


Aquaplaning Speed Turning

Conti Summer Tyre3.51100
Pirelli Winter Tyre3.2291.7
Conti Winter Tyre2.8681.5
Goodyear Winter Tyre2.879.8
Kumho All Weather Tyre2.7778.9
Michelin Winter Tyre2.7377.7
Dunlop Winter Tyre2.6575.5
Hankook All Weather Tyre2.571.2
Vredestein All Weather Tyre2.4970.1
Nangkang Winter Tyre2.2263.2


Braking Distance Wet

Conti Winter Tyre35.8100
Hankook All Weather Tyre36.598
Michelin Winter Tyre36.996.9
Pirelli Winter Tyre36.996.9
Goodyear Winter Tyre37.595.3
Dunlop Winter Tyre37.694.9
Vredestein All Weather Tyre37.994.1
Nangkang Winter Tyre41.284.8
Kumho All Weather Tyre41.484.4
Conti Summer Tyre4380


Dry Circuit Lap Times

Conti Summer Tyre114.6100
Vredestein All Weather Tyre117.797.4
Conti Winter Tyre118.197.1
Kumho All Weather Tyre118.297
Dunlop Winter Tyre118.396.9
Hankook All Weather Tyre118.496.8
Nangkang Winter Tyre118.996.4
Goodyear Winter Tyre118.996.4
Michelin Winter Tyre11996.3
Pirelli Winter Tyre119.296.1


Dry Circuit Feel

Conti Summer Tyre59.5100
Vredestein All Weather Tyre48.581.5
Kumho All Weather Tyre4575.6
Hankook All Weather Tyre43.573.1
Michelin Winter Tyre4372.3
Conti Winter Tyre41.569.7
Goodyear Winter Tyre41.569.7
Nangkang Winter Tyre4168.9
Pirelli Winter Tyre36.561.3
Dunlop Winter Tyre34.558


Noise Comfort

Conti Summer Tyre27.5100
Michelin Winter Tyre24.589.1
Nangkang Winter Tyre2383.6
Conti Winter Tyre21.578.2
Goodyear Winter Tyre21.578.2
Pirelli Winter Tyre21.578.2
Vredestein All Weather Tyre2176.4
Kumho All Weather Tyre2072.7
Hankook All Weather Tyre2072.7
Dunlop Winter Tyre2072.7


Dry Braking Distance

Conti Summer Tyre37.1100
Vredestein All Weather Tyre41.689.1
Hankook All Weather Tyre42.587.3
Dunlop Winter Tyre42.986.5
Nangkang Winter Tyre4386.3
Conti Winter Tyre4386.3
Goodyear Winter Tyre43.485.5
Pirelli Winter Tyre43.485.5
Kumho All Weather Tyre43.585.3
Michelin Winter Tyre43.685.1


Rolling Resistance

Coeffiecent of Friction%
Pirelli Winter Tyre0.943100
Dunlop Winter Tyre0.94799.5
Conti Winter Tyre0.95299
Nangkang Winter Tyre0.97596.6
Goodyear Winter Tyre0.98196
Michelin Winter Tyre0.99494.8
Kumho All Weather Tyre1.03690.3
Conti Summer Tyre1.04289.6
Vredestein All Weather Tyre1.07086.7
Hankook All Weather Tyre1.08485.3

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