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Turbo Blankets & Exhaust Insulation from DEI

You have fitted a tubular exhaust manifold with a top mount turbo and you have fitted a massive 100mm diameter downpipe connected to your turbo with a V-Band clamp.

This is you top mount GT42. Its nice but it has turned you engine bay into a portable, and extremely rapid, kiln, where you can bake your pottery. You don't need that.

This is your top mount GT42. Its nice but it has turned you engine bay into a portable, and extremely rapid, kiln, where you can bake your pottery. You don’t need that.

The map is spot on and your car is absolutely flying but Continue reading

Zetec Turbo Guide – 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 Zetec Turbo Tuning

There is a good article on tuning the Ford Zetec engine here. But we have just found this site dedicated to Zetec turbo tuning.

Check it out if your thinking of going turbo on your Zetec.

Here is an excerpt

First of all, there is little point in trying to turbocharge the restrictive 1.6 Zetec. It can be done, but as upgrading to a 1.8 or 2.0 will offer a lot more potential for only a couple of hundred pounds more it’s something of a no-brainer. The 1.8 as fitted in the XR2i and RS 1800 is a possibility, although most people opt for the 2.0, which has the obvious advantage of the extra capacity and a wider choice of pistons. The 2.0 is more expensive and sometimes harder to find than the 1.8, but having said that, locating a base engine should not be any trouble at all as it’s quite a common powerplant.

Water Injection – Injector Placement & System Design

Water Injection – The Right Approach For You

There are many ways to get water injection system onto your car and the most important factor is the cost. Water/Methanol injection is a simple concept which has become very popular hobby for those who want to make something themself. However the DIY option has its drawbacks , such as increased install time, bug finding, sourcing the right parts, reliability and tuning. If however you want something off the shelf you will find dozens of kit on the market to meet almost any requirement . Continue reading

M3 Turbo Kits

The E36 and E46 M3s have, to state the obvious, amazing engine from the factory. But if you are looking for more power, the S50 and S54 engines respond extremely well to forced induction. This is a list of M3 turbo kits for the E36 M3 & turbo kits for the E46 M3s. Continue reading

M3 Supercharger Kits E90, E92

M3 Supercharger Kits – BMW E90, E92 M3 Tuning

Supercharging seems to be by far the most popular form of forced induction for the E90 & E92 M3. This is probably down to the lack of spaces with the V8 engine and lack of imagination when it comes to mounting the turbos.

Whatever the case may be, mechanical supercharger kits for the M3 certainly get the job done. Below are links to manufacturers of M3 supercharger kits. If your company makes a kit, let us know! Continue reading

Modotek – Manufacturer Performance Electronics, Boost Controller

Modotek was brought to our attention by Modified Magazine.

Modotek have just released their T7 boost controller which looks to finally offer something close to the features of the until now dominant Apexi AVC-R Continue reading

BOVs @ – BOV Manufacturers – BOV Kits

BOV Manufacturers – BOV Kits

BOV manufacturers and BOV kits for most performance cars on the road today. BOVs, Dump Valves & Recirculating Valves relive the pressure in turbo intake systems when the throttle plate is closed when the throttle pedal is released. The air being pumped into the engine by the turbocharger needs to be able to go somewhere when the throttle is closed. Continue reading

Boost Controller

Boost Controllers – Boost Controller Manufacturers – Boost Controller Dealers

Links to manufacturers of electronic boost controllers. Boost controllers give the user complete control of their turbo.

Boost Controller Manufacturers/Dealers

AEM Tru Boost

Apexi AVC-R

Blitz SBC i-Colour



Turbo Smart E-Boost Continue reading

Turbo Kit Group Test

The information on this page is based on an article in Turbo Magazine Issue 186. The article gives the basic information about each kit, the car it is for as well as the power output with the turbo/supercharger kit fitted. The article does not state how the tests were carried out or where the tests were carried out so please bear this mind when reading the article.

S2000 Turbo Kit Greddy

S2000 Turbo Kit from Greddy

Continue reading